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NP225 The Savage Young Taterbug- Shadow of Marlboro Man 1 Sided Silkscreen Picture Disc 12"

It took too long, its a little too short to satisfy the thirst, but maybe its not so bad to leave a person wanting more, regardless its finally here The Shadow of Marlboro Man by Charles Free The Savage Young Taterbug. A mythology created by fact and fiction surrounded by love, hate, and all things in between hovers around the burnt out scrappy charismatic aura of Charles Free. A soul shinned by a life beaten against itself, always searching for new magic in the futility and self-destruction of Americas great black top oblivion. All that living, myth, and aura is distilled to perfection in these five songs. With a little help from some key friends Charles has managed to create his masterpiece of the thus far, maybe never again, hoping for more, because this short release is that damn good. Some of you might not get it but for those that do and for those that have followed the journey prior the waiting has been worth it. All the dirt, fuzz, and noise has been rendered into the atmosphere that gives these songs that something special. A clarity is now evident, songs now stand out, the poetry now speaks, and the Marlboro Man has casts his shadow. LISTEN

NP196 Idiot Glee "The Prairie" C45

James Friley from Lexington KY is Idiot Glee and is a long time NP friend as are many of the Lexington scene staples. This release is another nice representation of the eclectic nature of Lexington KYs underground music scene and Night-Peoples periodic schedule of releases representing it. On this release James switches things up a bit focusing on a mostly instrumental set of songs many ambient in nature. James use of piano is excellent on this release using highly melodic arrangements James creates atmosphere with space by allowing the notes to breathe out in a sustained ways. Eventually synths are used to accompany the piano and add a vibrant and even more uplifting choral heavenly feel. Popul Vuhs more ambient spacey pieces or soundtrack work might be a good reference point. The B side offers a bit more eclecticism more instrumentation is brought in for pieces that elaborate in shorter but more upbeat form on what takes place on the A side. The album ends with James bringing in his voice orientating it with solo piano in a way that contrasts the rest of the material but fits nicely in its minimalism and sustained depths. Another great addition to the excellent Idiot Glee discography. Mastered by Robert Beatty.

NP202 Ruby Pins/HITS "Split" C36

Ruby Pins/HITS is a split cassette release of former Grass Widow drummer Lillian Marrings solo and now primary outlet Ruby Pins and Ruby Pins sometimes contributor and friend Jennifer Weisbergs solo project HITS. This release finds Ruby Pins stepping forward with a great deal of space in the song writing. These often drum lite songs strum away into intricate structures blending with vocal passages to create a release that is quite different from prior Ruby Pins outings that had a bit more in common with the upbeat rock oriented post punk jangle of Grass Widow. Perhaps recent time spent in the Pacific Northwest have flavored Ruby Pins to be a bit more loner and dreamy sounding. Variety and change are good things and this is great material regardless that fits in nicely with Lillians prior musical output. Hits mirrors and aesthetically sits with Ruby Pins well riding a similar mid paced riff oriented lite on the drumming approach that focuses much attention to atmosphere and the intricacies of minimalist dreamy post punk pop. HITS incorporates interesting keyboard arrangements as well helping to highlight the distinct intimate weirdo pop vibes of the sound. Underneath the Nile and Wavy Lace are really great standout tunes that have been very enjoyable repeat listens

NP205 Jovontaes "Awaken Next to the Great Salt Lake" C32

Jovotaes are long running Lexington Kentucky skater weirdos who create zoned out mostly instrumental psych rock in the vein of greats like Agitation Free, Les Rallizes Denudes, and Trad Gras Och Stenar. This release is a bit more subtle and mysterious sounding them some prior outings. At times it rides very deep, spacious and subdued but active constantly building to more riffs and evolving transitions like sets of waves coming in to shore breaking slightly different every time. Very rooted in the language of riffs, they say a lot without saying anything in any literal way at all.

NP213 Boy Harsher "Lesser Man" C32

Dark electronic duo Boy Harsher is Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller who reside in Western MA via Savannah GA. The band forming in Savannah fits with the gritty heavy EBM and Industrial approach to dance music Boy Harsher are flirting with, a sound that evokes images of a dark romantic sultry environment. Jae Matthews confessional and emotionally delivered vocals work as a nice ethereal and spontaneous foil to Agugstus Mullers precise pounding poly rhythmic machine grooves to create dance music that is as heavy as it is soulful. Recorded at Dollhouse studios by Peter Mavrogeorgis and released prior by the Soft Science label, Night People is hoping to spread the word a bit further about any already great band with this release.

NP209 Silent Girlfriend "Backstabbing Female Supremacist" C36

This is a heavy one a reissue of a tour tape by Natalee Decker, Oakland by way of Chicago mainstay who was part of the excellent and now defunct trio Uncanny Valley. Silent Girlfriend continues through some of the same territory in its sonically driving electronic dance oriented synth approach but grinds much harder in an industrial music way then Uncanny Valley. Silent Girlfriend hits heavy and hard with blown out flourishes of arpeggiated psychedelic electronica and plodding drugged out dungeon techno. Raw dystopian music with big heavy hooks with enough groove to move the warehouse dancefloor. Great stuff.

NP203 Jerome "Up 4 Daze" C26

Jerome is Jeremy Harris formerly known as Lazy Magnet. A long time ripper of epic variety who has spent as much time as anyone on DIY tours shape shifting between styles and environments. Harris has had an intense output of the highest standards that to often has flown to far under the radar for the quality and originality of the approach and product. This tape is a reflection of recent outputs in the deep house and techno fields of Harris work. A recent live observation of Jerome left me floored, stunned by the rich depth of sound of the set and the detail and almost endless variety presented in the composition that had the whole room loosing minds, dancing, hanging from the rafters to or like myself simply listening in awe.

NP199 Fatti Frances "Lie To Me" C52

Fatti Frances is the solo project of Melbourne musician Raquel Soiler and Lie to Me is her debut studio full length. Fatti came to our attention via our Melbourne pal Stacey Wilsons (Rites Wild) label Heavy Lows with a really stellar release called Sweaty. Perhaps a bit of a departure or new aesthetic territory for Night-People we were so in love with Sweaty that we decided to ask Raquel if she would like to do a release on NP. Raquel has spent time playing drums in Aussie bands the Ancients, Oh! Belgium, and Jemima Jemima among others but took a departure aesthetically to do create Fatti Frances. Overall Fatti sits someplace between catchy RnB pop songs and left field electronic experiments. Not shying away from a soulful Diva vibe these recordings are quite clean and clear presenting the full force of Fatti Frances without any shyness or hazy layering to disguise what is going on. This is bold music and a refreshing contemporary take on RnB and Dance music. Hopefully Fatti gets her due and more of an audience outside Australia starts to take notice.

NP198 The Ukiah Drag "Variations of Candy" C36

The Ukiah Drag is a crew of former Florida rippers who relocated to Providence by way of Boston in-between origin and current home. With a deep and prosperous former band linage (Neon Blud, Cult Ritual, American Snakeskin, Diet Coke Heads) The Ukiah Drag as would be expected offer something special that is already being noticed after some recent touring with fellow dark psychedelic rockers Destruction Unit and a really great prior tape out on Ascetic House. Its interesting to see how micro scenes evolve, how groups of friends from weird places step out switch it up change and move forward. With sister band Merchandise still in dialogue Ukiah Drag adds even more to the big picture of what Tampa has had to offer contemporary underground music and its still evolving. This release fits nicely into that artistic bloom. Songs created for the Tina Kolozsuaryc short film The Astronaut and the Star, Variations of Candy is a fully instrumental outing as deep and dense as it is minimal and sparse it is another sonic view of Ukiah Drags dark psychedelic very much contemporary take on blues rock. Plenty of noise and experimentalism present in the best and most tasteful way as well. This release rides like a mantra not sounded for heavenly epics but for those darker Kaidan like stories of mysteries and shadows.

NP193 Fingers Pty Ltd "Broken Fingers" C42

Fingers Pty Ltd is a new Melbourne trio comprised of Bum Creek members Tarquin Manek and Sam Karmel with Mole House member Carla dal Forno taking up vocal duties. Fingers Pty is minimalist outsider pop with a post punk feel reminiscent of classics like Young Marble Giants or Fall of Saigon but with a much weirder more abstracted song writing style. Guitar appears on a few tracks but the bulk is propelled by strange funky baselines and synth leads with bits of electronics and noises creating an unpredictable push of interesting but often subtle sounds to shake up the minimalism of the songs and provide additional depth. Fingers Pty have created something unique and special here beyond any kind of predictable classification and are a nice addition to Melbournes eclectic and prolific underground music scene. Overall this is a hard release to describe and its best just to listen for yourself.

NP191 Roladex "Cathode Rays" C20

Roladex is the newest addition to Night-Peoples expanding catalog of minimalist synth pop and fits in nicely with prior NP releases by Some Ember, Featureless Ghost, Goldendust etc. Roladex is a girl/guy duo from Amarillo TX who also have ties to Seattle and connections to the excellent Medical Records label. Roladex rides all analog deep in the vintage vein of synths and drum machines using pulsing sequences to create dynamic depths subtle and vibrant in the expansion and contraction of each sound. Harmonized male/female vocals and choruses sit in nicely with bass synth leads and the brooding style of Roladexs synth explorations often give way to upbeat vibrant melodic turns showcasing the full dynamics of their pop sensibilities and the full spectrum of their song writing. This is a well-crafted highly rendered release of excellent songs worthy of any curious listen but especially tuned for those interested in synth pops frontiers.

NP189 Tender Meat "Ripper's World" C42

The first local instalment of Night-Peoples relocation to the Twin Cities is by long running duo Tender Meat. Andy Fritz takes on Synth and Electronics duties with Jon Coe following suite on the Percussion end of things. Tender Meats hyper saturated schizophrenic blend of mutated acid house, noise, dub, ambient and all out electronic destruction gives Tender Meat an interesting edge and distinction while allowing them to still fit into what is current and fresh in underground electronic music. Very much a live band Rippers World captures Tender Meats syncopated duality and long form improvisational musical conversations in a precise and accurate way showing that this isnt just immediacy music alone but something fully constructed and flowing. Tender Meat deserves more attention both in and outside the Twin Cities and hopefully this release can help provide some new focus.

NP188 Cellophane Spill "Season 2" C26

This is the second NP cassette release by Austin analog Sci Fi synth loner Cellophane Spill and its even weirder then before something we find quite appealing. Its not often that you get to hear something that pushes the boundaries as much as this release does. With strong connections to the amazing vintage electronics store Switched On it can be expected that these alien soundtracks were created on equally puzzling and amazing gear. Heavy use of vocal effects and vocoder take the vocal performances represented to other parts of the galaxy and back if not to to entirely separate realities. The results are truly alien. With the addition of the Season and Episode references in the titles we can't help but to think further into some distorted demented television series. This release stands on its own genre free quite far outside what we know of anyone else to be making with vintage electronics at the moment something that makes this release quite a bold statement. Headphones recommended for a truly unique listening experience.

NP187 Some Ember "Asleep in the Ice Palace" C30

Some Ember are from the Bay/Oakland and with a prior cassette release on Crash Symbols and a first tour recently accomplished are just starting to create some buzz for their unique brand of highly developed elaborately composed new wave/synth pop/post punk hybrid of pop exuberance. The complexity of the song writing and composition is quite startling at first but once the variety and presentation sinks in and takes shape it is realized that this release is something you can sit with for a long time playing again and again and getting something new out of it every time. Like fellow Night-People band Featureless Ghost Some Ember are actively taking a vast template of ideas and influences from the past fusing it into the contemporary music moment and pushing forward without constraint or concern for safely fitting in to something more uniform. The results of this experiment or vision are highly considered and very well documented with excellent mixing of all elements firmly in place while breathing atmosphere into each other quite freely. If you liked the Featureless Ghost and Uncanny Valley release we did recently this will be right up your alley.

NP184 Dead Channel "Dead Space" C36

Dead Channel is a new Portland OR duo comprised of Jack Gilbert and Cody Brant. Jack former Iowa City resident of Welsh upbringing has done prior solo work under the Baronic Wall and Paul Balance projects. On this release Jack sticks to vocals while Cody supplies a thick syrup of analog synth, effects, drum machine etc. Retained and perhaps refined is Jack's distinct vocal delivery and descriptive dystopian lyrical style. The results as can be expected are quite unique, strange and potentially unsettling but quite enjoyable to those listeners interested in the darker subtle strains of outsider electronic and experimental music. Links could be drawn in sound comparison to early UK tape trade industrial and dark wave etc. This is menace that doesn't come out of the dark outright but hovers in a cold atmospheric miasma that is as clinical as it is grimy. Fitting music for rainy evenings near woods, vacant shopping malls or industrial wastelands.

NP181 Unhappybirthday "Kraken" C26

One of our favorite discoveries in new music over the past year Unhappybirthday are a from Wismar Germany and offer something very nice in their approach to minimalist synth pop/melodic post punk. They have that upbeat sad song thing going that always feels so good. We can't help but think if Jeurgen Gleue and the 39 Clocks had made soundtracks for those early John Hughes films this is what it might sound like. Similarities to fellow German fronted post punkers Horrid Red could be made as well but Unhappybirthday totally stand on their own as well. This one has already gotten a lot of repeat listening here at the Night-People HQ so we don't want to overstate what this music is or it isn't, we just think its good in a simple well recorded ultra catchy way with all the right flourishes of sonic details when needed. Lead man Daniel Ja has one of those somber slightly baritone voices seemingly beyond his years. With a prior cassette on Crash Symbols and some Euro touring under their belts this trio is just getting started and we are sure they are capable of upcoming great things.

NP179 D. Vassalotti "Live from Infinity" C36

Dave Vassalotti is the guitarist for the rising musical force that is Merchandise and it could be argued that his guitar playing is the secret weapon of that band, something that doesn't jump out right away to punch you in the face but truly gives the music the depth, dynamics and subtle beauty that renders it so listenable again again. Dave isn't new to releasing solo material a prior release of particular note being the very excellent Book of Ghosts LP. This cassette release is just as unique and imaginative as that very fine record and perhaps pushes the sound even further into a place free of any one aesthetic or genre idea yet retains something of distinction and specificity despite the variety. This is a unique personal vision a listening experience that it is subtle and organic, bold and startling, and very unique in that it approaches being experimental without thought towards that notion as something codified thus making the music so much more unique and personal then that word would imply. Another good lead into the Merchandise Totale Nite LP showing more of the atmosphere surrounding the band.

NP178 Dylan Ettinger "Crucify Your Love" C20

Its strange that it took this long for Night-People to get around to working with our old friend Dylan Ettinger. Fellow Midwest inhabitant who has even more love for College Basketball then we do. Working from a continued template from his last LP Lifetime of Romance but taking the sound to a more weirdo slightly more abstract funky electronics space. This release also feels a bit more cynical a bit darker a bit more lost and angry and we can dig that. Crucify Your Love as a statement expressed through the music presented seems to take the Lifetime of Romance idea one step further putting it up there to die or be resurrected on the cross as to which result is implied that is not fully revealed but these jams do ride in a way where it feels like there is nothing to come back to. There are many Ettinger fans out there and you won't be disappointed with this one, keep this guy motivated to keep pushing that invisible wall and pick up this tape.

NP177 Happy Jawbone Family Bands "The Silk Pistol" C52

Happy Jawbone are a loose collection of Brattleboro musicians who come out of the same Vermont weirdo scene as fellow Night-People bands Blanche Blanche Blanche and Son of Salami. Happy Jawbone also have close connections with the Feeding Tube record label with two prior LP's. Happy Jawbone ride a kaleidoscopic rainbow of influences stretching out from the loose jangly air of garage psych pop into country and freak folk with a bit of everything in between. Where as prior releases showed a bit more of a bent Beatles or Kinks vibe this one feels way more paisley underground (think early Rain Parade) meets Texas psych (think Easter Everywhere era Elevators) and maybe even a bit of 60s soundtrack style weirdness. Comparisons aside, this crew does their own thing in the saturated world of garage and psych pop revival. Something must be floating around the collective creative brain in Brattleboro to keep things unique and without pretension. Happy Jawbone seems so full of youthful sonic exuberance that there is plenty more room to grow even after three killer full lengths.

NP173 Blonde God "s/t" C26

This is a reissue of a self-released CDR, which Carson Cox of Merchandise had on tour with him last spring. After playing a gig together and jamming choice deep records until the early morning hours a bond was made concrete after a couple years of short duration crossings on different tours and mail correspondence. A good warm up for the upcoming Merchandise LP on Night-People, Blonde God is Carson all by himself, or so it seems. Its hard keeping up with this Tampa crew with such a tight knit relationship to collaboration and backing up each others solo outlets that goes beyond Merchandise itself into all the bands surrounding and coming before or surely after. For those of you who have been paying attention to Night-People long term you know full well this is the kind of thing the label is all about: The end of the road destinations and cities without much of an outside identity where creation happens for its own sake. Blonde God plays good and loud, it is reflective of the overall output but has its own aesthetics at play. Carson's voice hovers in and out of a wash of electronics and dreamy guitar work, in parts influenced by classic shoegaze and also harsher noise sensibilities, all in all if feels sad, heavy, distant and lost. There is a landscape to the sound. Is this what living in Tampa Bay can feel like?

NP172 Fancy Books "S/T" C20

Fancy Books are Tokyo duo Fumiko and Mitsuomi who even upon the release of this cassette are still a bit of a mystery to us. Seldom does Night-People release something via an email demo submission if it has ever happened we can't remember but something unique and special about this release got through to us instantly. Fancy Books are a strange mix of unique poppy electronic drone, weirdo dance, and a sort of dreamy synth driven psychedelic soft rock hybrid. Sharing some similarities with Blanche Blanche Blanche and other subtler softer sounding Night-People releases like the recent Superstar tape Fancy Books fit in nicely with the softer side of recent Night-People releases. Despite the chill nature of this release some moments and songs like track Sponge Boy stick like an anthem. Its easy to imagine driving around Tokyo at night soaking up all the atmosphere of neon and LCD screens letting the upbeat dreaminess of Fancy Books take you away into right where you are.

NP167 Uncanny Valley " Speaking In Prosthetic Tongues" C30

Oakland newcomers Uncanny Valley seem to be representative of a burgeoning scene (Body Glove, Some Ember etc.) of synth pop, dark trance and new wave bands cropping up out of the vacant post industrial landscape. This trio of Joey Casio, Kelsey McCurdy, and Natalee Decker create evocative dark psychedelic synth pop with Joey providing the backdrop of sequencing and drum machine, Kelsey on vocals, and Natalee on keys. Vocal centric cuts like "Rising" ring out in a full pop mode with anthemic hooks and driving, building momentum while more instrumental oriented tracks like "End Game" have more of a slow burn effect gently mutating into full on psychedelic synth repetition and minimalism. A great deep listen from a new band with tons of potential.

NP185 Terror of the Deep "Permanent Weekend" C52

Terror of the Deep a criminally little known group of New Zealand chillers kick out the jams again on Night-People this time with even stronger songwriting, composition, and recording. Retained is all the shambling, ringing, fuzzy and jangly forward thinking Kiwi guitar pop and rock we love from these guys. Terror of the Deep aren't looking to emulate that rich history of underground rock music in New Zealand they just add to it. This is a full LP's worth of material and it doesn't disappoint. All the textures, sounds, effects, and details fit in just right with each other to create a disciplined distinct cohesive album that blows away what a lot of what other contemporary Indie Pop is doing. Rumors have been heard of a 12" Vinyl on the very fine Selection Records from Terror of the Deep coming up so pick up this cassette to get started if you missed out on the their first NP tape and get taste of that lush colorful sound that is Terror of the Deep.

NP169 The Outside World "Seaside Nowhere" C20

The Outside World is a new Chicago three-piece fronted by Ben Scott of now defunct Chicago indie rockers Brain Idea. In ways, Outside World picks up a bit where Brain Idea left off but offer a distinct move beyond, creating lush poppy indie rock with really great driving melodic bass provided by Hazel Rigby. Hazel's spot on backing vocals provide a really great foil for Ben's more up front vocals creating nice atmosphere and lots of depth. The guitar rides nicely into instrumental passages with colorful takes on psych pop flourishes. The whole listen rides really direct and punchy but with tons of subtlety to enjoy. I think some people will liken Outside World to a bit of the Flying Nun Catalog and we wouldn't disagree. They don't fall as much on the early 80's side of things as they do the later 80's or early 90's upbeat sounds of bands like Bird Nest Roys, or the 3d's.

NP 168 Pop Singles "All Gone" C32

Night-People rarely issues a tape that is simultaneously coming out on LP but felt it worth the effort since Pop Singles first big statement "All Gone" (on LP through Vacant Valley in AU) would be hard to track down outside Australia. Pop Singles bring it full on in the distinctly Aussie way that is full of heart and hope while also capturing something both melancholic and fun all at once. It really is about this slacker looseness that is so perfected that it feels like a new force all of its own that is right there in your ear but never in a rush. Something about hanging out in Melbourne on a visit just makes the contemporary Aussie indie sound make so much sense; it feels like the social vibe there, which feels so good. Pop Singles are doing their own thing no doubt about it but can still be put in the rotation with The Twerps, Full Ugly, Bitch Prefect or any of the other chilled out Melbourne rockers and you can't go wrong. Always so much good stuff coming out of Australia as a whole that its impossible for us not to shed as much light on it as we can while sitting in Middle America USA.

NP174 Lazy Magnet " Crystal Cassette" C45

Lazy Magnet is long time Providence RI operator Jeremy Harris also of equally great project Meager Sunlight performed with Jeremy's partner Daryl Seaver. Things get going right off in the best way with opening track Obfuscate. Daryl provides some nice sultry lady vocals on Obfuscate backing up Jeremy's more solemn tough guy take on pop crooning. This is synth pop of the highest order not really looking to any one time period as a reference but taking it all in. This is a very structurally well-crafted complex full album. The mix of more spacey dance tracks, breakdowns and melodic pop bits are done with spot on production and movement. This results create a rich blend of midi driven synth pop. Lazy Magnet has been a project for a decade or more now, every style and sound has seemingly been explored. When this master showed up, even after years of hearing Lazy Magnet turn out great releases and live shows, we were floored instantly by how good this release is. Topping the highest of expectations. Check it out for yourself.

NP176 Superstar "The Softest Urge" C32

Melbourne duo Superstar is related to a loose group of Aussie bands (Fabulous Diamonds, Geoffrey O'Connor, Montero etc.) that are not as fully represented in the States as their more rock n' roll or indie rock oriented friends. Digging into a kind of stretched out soft rock, Superstar keep things light and very airy. Subtle female vocals ride over deep drum machine grooves and psychedelic guitar wanderings. This is as dreamy as music gets not unlike something from the early days of 4AD. This is a live tape of exclusive songs but retains a high fidelity standard beyond most live documents. Work for a full LP by Superstar is in the works. Pick this up for deeper digging into all that contemporary Aussie underground music has to offer.

NP166 Nicolas "Las Lomas II" C45

Nicolas aka Esteban Aldrete is an old friend from Mexico City and Las Lomas II is his first release on Night-People. This is a special release for Night-People in a way due to the random but nice meeting of the minds we found ourselves in with Esteban a few years ago crossing paths in Austin TX and the continued correspondence we have had over the last few years a nice reminder of the potential positives one chance meeting can have. Esteban spent time in Mexico City weirdo rockers El Resplendor but his solo material under the Nicolas premise is an entirely different beast. If you dig Martin Revs early solo material some good common ground can be found on this cassette. Repetitive slowly revolving dubby synths and vintage drum sounds slowly mutate into mechanical mantras as Esteban's baritone vocals guide the atmosphere in subtle organic ways that in feeling is both full of old world decay and modern sharp edged sheen. A recommended debut that fits in well with prior releases like Femminielli and Hot & Cold.

NP182 Regional Curse "Natural Living" C36

Another release generated from international meetings of the heart and mind this time as the by product of a week spent in Adelaide AU at the residency of Stacey Wilson aka Rites Wild aka Regional Curse. With a recent Rites Wild LP finally giving Stacey some recognition beyond her very prolific residency in Australia this cassette under the Regional Curse project rides like the dark horse to Rites Wild's white knight. Regional Curse is a bit more centered in the pictured sound of lost highways, drifter blues, industrial menace, and that vast open expense of sun baked desert that is the majority of Australia. Regional Curse has a nice lineage in its industrial and electronic experimental leanings to the great wealth of similar sounds historically centered out of Australia via bands like Severed Heads and the like. Serious grit to this release the kind of sonic meditation that is much more about uneasiness then any sort of positive resolution.

NP183 Ryan Garbes "Young Mona Lisa" C32

Ryan Garbes doesn't need a whole lot of introduction considering that his releases go pretty deep into the origins of the Night-People back catalog not including his contributions to Night-People house band Wet Hair. Young Mona Lisa sees Ryan operating in more of a synth mode then ever before while retaining some of the queasy psychedelic guitar and organ driven pop of recent releases. This release overall is a bit less centered on vocals instead digging into deeper instrumental territories. Some similarities could be plucked from experimental leaning Spectrum records like Forever Alien or even the Sky Records/Cluster related like Rasta Kraut Pasta, After the Heat, or Strange Music. Retained is the sense of groovy melody and rhythm that is done in a distinctly Garbes. Surely another great addition to the very fine body of work Ryan has built up over the years. Recommended driving tunes.

NP186 Boy Friend "Secret City" C16

Austin trio Boyfriend follow up last years Egyptian Wrinkle LP with this very fine cassette of sultry atmospheric synth pop, They retain the link to their origins in Sleep Over but move beyond the early days of that band with Boyfriend and continue that evolution with this release further refining the compositions to something even more unique but not overtly stated . Secret City is an apt title as these four songs have a cool dark feeling that is much more revealing of something mysterious then something actually dark in subject or mood. A romantic sensibility subtly informs the feeling of the release while some sense of fantasy and still calming wonder is also revealed through the music. A great release a good marker for the direction the band is taking.

NP170 Peak Twins/Scott and Charlene's Wedding- Split LP

Night-People presents a very fine split LP by little know Australian bands, Melbourne's Peak Twins and Scott & Charlene's Wedding who have recently relocated to NYC. This is a co-release with Aussie label Bed Room Suck our friends out of Brisbane and is the first in a string of co-released splits representing some of Australia's best bands highlighting the distinct artistic atmopshere and friendships that have made Australian underground music so vibrant right now. Melbourne duo Peak Twins (who share members with Kitchen's Floor, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths etc) ride the jams and compose their music with utmost attention to well played pop hooks, somber sublte psychedlics, and a general downer dissposition that never gets to heavy but lets the light shine through onto the 60's psych pop flavored jangle and shamble of their great songs. Scott and Charlene's Wedding (who share members with Panel of Judges) have a distinct punky jangly guitar pop aesthetic going that is distinctly Aussie and south hemipshere in its sound. They are good mates with rising indie rockers Twerps and have some shared influences but where Twerps keep it a bit more chill and mopey Scott and Charlene's let the angst and grit stick out more. Perfect tunes for dreamy summertime days. LISTEN

NP171 Goldendust- s/t LP

Goldendust rides deep and dark but not free of a lush joyful pop sensibility sometimes sneaking in behind menacing moments to disrupt the darkness and let a little light through. If John Carpenter's soundtracks had more Romanticism or synth pop sensibility in there stark minimalism it would sound a bit like these songs. Still something else is at play that's not so easy to pinpoint, which is what separates Goldendust from the current crop of minimal synth revivalists. Joe's vocals are unique in their delivery like a drifters sense of space and time they come not from some urban machine view of the world but from deserted small town parking lots or streets starring out into vacant fields. Maybe the experience is what separates these songs, the identity of the duo itself not as big city chic but of rural state isolation Justin's dual analog synth approach creates the perfect balance between dense bass riffs and sharp leads and both dig deep into big melody. Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studio and mastered by Pete Swanson for maximum fidelity; this is a record that sounds great and is not to be missed. Artwork by Shawn Reed. LISTEN

NP175 Featureless Ghost- Personality Matrix LP

Personality Matrix is the debut LP by Atlanta duo Featureless Ghost following a steady stream of EP's including the recent Mind Body cassette on Night-People. All of those prior releases were great but Featureless Ghost were holding onto something special that they have now fully materialized in the form of this LP. Pre-release listens of the vinyl had friends of the band and the label awed by the heavy and deep sound of this record, a true stunner that buries the speakers and space around the sound. A fully realized master work recorded and mastered to perfect specifications; Night-People has never released anything that simply sounds this good. Featureless Ghost set high expectations and surpassed them. Any reference to the aesthetic or influence seems too simple to fully describe what has been accomplished with this release. Synth pop, dark wave, minimal synth, trance, none of it really matters. This is deep eclectic electronic music performed to live midi, hybrid digital and analog perfection. The dual male/female vocal delivery presented on this record shows a high concern for distinctly developed interplay and identity that is perhaps unequaled in contemporary synth pop. Cyber dreams, lost worlds, and dystopian futures seem to be the subject of Featureless Ghost's expression but the music itself couldn't be more solidly realized and perfected. Night-People is so honored to be a part of this release and we hope you end up enjoying it as much as we do. Mastered by Pete Swanson. Artwork by Shawn Reed. LISTEN

NP162 Femminielli "Carte Blanche Aux Desirs" C32

Montreal resident and Dirty Beaches collaborator Bernardino Femminielli makes electronic music of an epic order. Orchestrated disco, liquid drone, cosmic prog, and heavy synth pop that is as cosmic as it is sharp and robotic. This is accent music, words exist without proper place, time or context to create a sense of mysterious isolation and dissolve. "Carte Blanche" feels a bit like lost dance music never understood until a time when ambiguity and mystery could be accepted. Compositions in sonic and sound not meant for the end but for a transition or a new beginning. This shit is heavy and hits hard but long and drawn out so the presence lulls you into its violence and its peace all at once. Something strange lives in these songs, just out of reach but it feels good to hear them take over the space around you where everything else becomes secondary. This is music for whatever soundtrack you need. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP154 Featureless Ghost "Mindbody" C30

Its really rare to stumble onto a band or music with no prior connecting points to mutual friends, another label, a live show, a recommendation, a demo, but thus is the high point yield of living at least part of the life in cyber space and its possibility for randomness. It is there that we discovered the rich and impressive body of work present and future that is Atlanta's Featureless Ghost. Seeing a live video of a radio performance of their song Scanproof was a revelation of what could still be done in the contemporary saturated music environment with synth and electronic pop music. Not wearing any genre classifications or influences distinctly on their sleeves, but creating a rich connection to what came before (think Chris and Cosey, OMD etc) Featureless Ghost couple Matt Weiner (also records as Twins) and Elise Tippins are as critical as they are prolific bringing distinct song craft into composition while being very much a live band. With rich dual vocal sections, hi-fi home recording and mixing, Featureless Ghost is just getting started. An LP on NP is already in the works as well and we couldn't have more confidence in the possibilities and present creative momentum of this band. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP155 Miami Angels in America "A Public Ranking" C30

After a few years of deep USA underground dwelling and touring documented by a series of hard to find cult collected cassette releases, Angels in America began to surface a bit more with their excellent debut LP on Ehse Records. Recent tours saw them on the road with Mark Lord and Weyes Bluhd fitting touring mates who share much in common with Angels dark atmospheric industrial din and fuzzy science fiction synth explorations. Taking up residence across Eastern North American cities such as Baltimore, New York and Montreal, Angels are a bit hard to pin down in identity, aesthetics and location. As we type this they embark on their first European tour with a performance at the renowned Kraak Festival. Angels seem to take on variety of influences merging them all into their own distinct smear not overly representative of anything particular in terms of genre. Perhaps the easiest comparison is to the originators of their own unclassified sound which in term became its own genre...TG. In their own way Angels carry on the kind of amorphous, androgynous, but distinct sound that is hard to find so deep into history. Art by Shawn Reed.

NP163 Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong "Black Sheep" C45

Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong (Little Red Small Little Red) comprised of Zhao Cong and Zhu Wenbo are from the blossoming Beijing underground scene that fostered fellow Night-People band Hot and Cold that is focused around labels like Pangbianr, and Rose Mansion that is just starting to seep into the N. American underground consciousness perhaps due to Dirty Beaches and Hot and Cold's connection to the scene or Noisey's recent profile of some of the bands such as Soviet Pop etc. Wenbo is a prime mover of the younger generation of experimental musicians in Beijing and hosts a weekly noise night called "Zoomin". Black Sheep first appeared as a self released CD by the band but NP felt it necessary to reissue it for a bigger audience. Musically in debt to no wave, cold wave, kraut rock and industrial gestures Xiao Hong's noisy textures remind us a good deal of killer Japanese Vanity Record band Tolerance, Throbbing Gristle, Peace Trials era Kites and even fellow NP band Angels in America. The begining of a hopefully prolific relationship between the Beijing Underground and Night-People. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP081 Yves/Son/Ace- Parade of Thoughts/Can't Sleep LP

Yves/Son/Ace is a solo outlet from the Factums/Love Tan camp out of Seattle. Less an experiment in synth noise and drone then the"Cold Showers" Night-People cassette, Parade of Thoughts/Can't Sleep evokes a sort of deconstructed synth pop aesthetic. Druggy, hushed vocals float over vintage rhythm machines, synth noise goop, and lost world music radio tones. Minimal, isolated, deranged, and savage, Yves/Son/Ace is junk pop music for a disconnected world full of detritus and longing. A subtle sound that grows in your skull like fungus on rotting wood. LISTEN

NP101 Peaking Lights- Space Primitive 1 sided 12"

Peaking Lights return with a follow up EP to their excellent Night-People full length Imaginary Falcons and a teaser to lead into their killer next full length album set to drop on Not Not Fun later this winter. Space Primitive was originally released as a limited cassette on Fuck It Tapes but needed a bit more shelf life so Night-People set to work to make this release a reality on vinyl. Aesthetically very similar to Imaginary Falcons, the same haunted low fi electronics surfacing throughout, cascading shimmering layers of guitar, and Indras ethereal vocals moving through the sound like a surfer on a wave. This 12” comes on clear 1 sided vinyl with a silkscreen on the B side, the best looking 1 sided homemade picture disc Night-People has made yet. Artwork by Shawn Reed. LISTEN

NP150 Blanche Blanche Blanche- Wink With Both Eyes LP

Brattleboro VT prolific song writing duo Blanche Blanche Blanche's second Night-People release shines even more then their excellent first cassette effort. Wink With Both Eyes is a distinct statement in the contemporary underground music environment. It is a distilled, unified, collection of songs compiled from the hundreds of songs BBB has created in the last couple of years. To add extra flavor to their weirdo synth pop songs on Wink With Both Eyes, BBB enlisted many of their Brattleboro music friends including shredders like King Tuff, Chris Weisman, and Graham Brooks. Band members Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips didn't use any computers, samplers, drum machines or sequencers when they created Wink With Both Eyes sticking to their own unique processes of song craft. Retained from prior releases is the urgent jazzy retro synth feel, catchy monotone vocals and minimalist post punk references. BBB is a distinct creative team and this LP is there definitive statement thus far. Keep your eyes open for upcoming releases by BBB from our friends over at Feeding Tube Records and La Station Radar. LISTEN

NP059 Peaking Lights - Imaginary Falcons LP

This is the debut full length LP by Madison Wisconsin's Peaking Lights. Members Indra Dunis (Numbers/Rah Dunes) and Aaron Coyes (Rah Dunes) created a stunner that's full of hypnotic analog electronics, pulsing drum sounds, perfectly somber pop layered keys, blown psych guitar, and Indra's warm drifting vocals. This record is all its own, everything it needs to be, and it won't disappoint any expectations of its harmony and beauty. Groovy, spacey, heartfelt music for a new age. Art work and silkscreen by Shawn Reed.

NP157 Mole House "s/t" C16

Mole House are a new band from Melbourne Australia that is fronted by Carla Dal Forno in collaboration with other members Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna), and Pat Breen (White Woods). With prior recent releases on Alberts Basement, Goaty and the new killer NYC label Quemada this band is just getting going but is starting to make some buzz. Evoking some classic lofi outsider Aussie arty indie strum, Mole House speaks a bit to the 80's/90's New Zealand Scene especially the Expressway label. Think of greats like Roy Montgomery, Dadamah, Nocturnal Projections, Scorched Earth Policy and you would be on the right track. A totally killer highlight of some of the greatness coming out of the Aussie underground. Art by Shawn Reed.

NP158 Terror of the Deep "The Airport Underneath the Dome" C32

The situation in which I stumbled onto New Zealand band Terror of the Deep is so specific that its about impossible for this release to not feel special for Night-People. Being on tour in Australia is a bit of dream come true but spending some time crashing with our friends from the Twerps in Melbourne was a bit extra special. During that time specifically while driving around the city with our friend Pat (drummer of the Twerps) on the hunt for good Pho dives we first heard Terror of the Deep on a cassette put out on Aussie label Hideotic. I quickly went through the right channels to score my own copy and totally fell in love with Terror of the Deep's bright, lush, upbeat but a bit melancholy NZ guitar pop. Washes of flange or phaser, organ drone etc. cruised over a few songs in just the perfect way to give it weirdo tinge, coupled with great lyrics and a distinct NZ croon it was an instant classic in my mind. Just the right amount of psyched out garagey indie pop done in classic NZ fashion but not trying to make good on any past scene glory, Terror of the Deep is just doing their own thing and its great. So glad to put this out for others to hear outside the Southern Hemisphere. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP160 Son of Salami "Deli Days" C26

Vermont weirdo Son of Salami contributes to the NP catalog after a bit of time of us being aware and siked on his weirdo ways via a series of high praises from mutual friends that lead us to get a good correspondence going with Joey Pizza Slice who is Son of Salami. Last year Joey released a killer but criminally overlooked LP on the Feeding Tube Record label out of Western MA. Joey records on a portable tape recorder from which the erase head has been removed, allowing for overdubbing at the cost of not being able to hear the music being recorded over. A distinct and strange recording method that actually sounds a bit impossible and confusing. Regardless it works for Joey to amazing results creating a distinct lo-fi vision all of his own that perhaps out does many of the comparable bands flirting with outsider pop in a similar way. Check out this tape and the LP on Feeding Tube to see what all of the "Fuzz" is about. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP153 Ryan Garbes "1965" C16

Ryan Garbes follows up last years LP on Woodist imprint Hello Sunshine with a new tape on Night-People. We have been sitting on this for a bit so its not brand new but brings on the same kind of hazy pop fuzz that most of his recent recordings have highlighted. Striking out in a similar vein as the LP with distinct vocal passages, organ and loose drumming providing a take on what he brings to the Wet Hair sound more expanded in this solo setting. At this point Ryan's back catalog speaks for itself, this is great stuff, as good as anything else he has been a part of. The melodic pop concentric elements are meshing ever more fully with the fuzzy propulsive organ/synth rock he's become known for. Artwork by Ryan

NP156 Lantern "Burned Youth" C32

Lantern return with a 2nd tape release for Night-People this time in the form of a reissue of a tour only cassette called Burned Youth that highlights the bands evolution over the course of 2009-2011. Despite being a bit of a retrospective Burned Youth feels very whole, considered and complete. The fidelity of the recordings are actually a bit more hi-fi overall then the recent NP tape "Stranger I Come/Stranger I Leave". The destroyed pysched out proto punk (Stooges/Denudes) inspired squall of that release isn't really present on this more archival material. At the point of these recordings Lantern seemed to be approaching things from a more Texas/Delta blues and "Their Satanic Majesties" era Stones influence with a good bit of Texas Garage Psych thrown in the mix ala the Elevators and "Parable of Arable" Red Krayola. This is really good catchy fun music regardless and feels like its own take on classic rock n" roll aesthetics. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP159 N.213 "Bastard" C30

N.213 is Nic Hughes from Vancouver B.C. and the long running band Shearing Pinx. Nic's interest in post punk and no wave continue here but where as Shearing Pinx songs can sometimes develop into long form droning epics N.213 gets more to the point with shorter and more direct punked out jams reminiscent of a more hard edged almost industrial take on The Fall, Mars, and Swell Maps. Included are a Sonic Youth and Fall cover delivered with an appropriate force distinct to N.213. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP164 Lab Coast "Editioned Houses" C26

Lab Coast from Calgary came to our attention by our friends at Eggy and Scotch tapes who put out killer Lab Coast cassette releases in 2011. Lab Coast have that sort of breezy layered subtle guitar pop sound that's easy to like. Invoking a bit of unpretentious retro sound reminiscent in the catalogs of labels like Slumberland and Sarah. Lab Coast keep it really catchy in that loose but tight way good bands of this variety hit on just right. The flip finds them getting a bit more far out and showing some of their more experimental impulses and pedigree that is subtly at play in all of their songs. They ride out on the B side more psyched out almost in the long form weirdo mood of a band like Strapping Fieldhands or Thinking Fellers. Good stuff just right for spring time just around the corner. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP140 Ela Orleans/Dirty Beaches- Double Feature Split LP

Ela Orleans and Alex Zhang Hungtai are long time friends, artistic allies, and adventurous spirits who have both spent lives traveling between different cities, countries, and continents. Through their individual travels and life direction changes both have remained steadfast and dedicated to their own unique visions of musical outlet. The commonalities represented in Double Feature resound in a sense of space and time, a cinematic view of nostalgia. This is not a nostalgia that is trying to re-create the past but an art that seeks to use the presence and power of history to create more content in the present. Ela's lush baroque pop fitted against Alex's electric drifter blues creates for an eclectic but united pairing that serves as a good representation of their long standing creative dialogue and there correspondence as friends. LISTEN

NP152 Bebe Fang C152

Dutch duo Bebe Fang shares members with Eklin who released a cassette recently on Night-People as well. Bebe Fang although stripped down in comparison to Eklin in number of members has many similar aesthetic and sonic tendencies. They present the same kind of foreboding but elegant glacial ambiance but with a different sense of minimalism and soulfulness. The mood is always in a state of flux with Bebe Fang never quite settling always subtly evolving depending on the listeners thought or vision moment to moment. At times unsettling in tune with vintage horror soundtrack vibes and at others hypnotic and almost heavenly the greatness lies in the subtle details of Bebe Fang's music.

NP151 Golden Hours " Floating Weeds" C20

Golden Hours is long running Portland based flower pop guitar band with ties to Eggy Records, The Polyps, The Woolen Men etc. who predate much of the recent resurgence of this sound. Distinct pop and twee flavors of sound ride around on the upbeat waves of guitar, keys, and distortion. A rock solid effort with no overt posturing to retro tendencies, just honest well made creatively written catchy indie pop, that rides a little bit like other excellent contemporary lady fronted post punk/twee/ etc groups like Grass Widow etc. A really killer follow up to the excellent "Spooky" cassette that came out on Eggy awhile back. If you missed that def. check this one out.

NP149 Sore Eros " Sickies Volume One" C32

Very siked to get a chance to release something by our western Mass. friends Sore Eros, a great live band thats even better on record and always pushing the limits of their sound and song writing. A band truly doing their own thing in a time of much retro posturing. The articulation of their sound and approach is always interesting because it embodies so many sources of potential influence and sound language. At times folky, sometimes rocking, always seeping with dreamy atmosphere and warm psychedelic melody their representation of pop music radiates, resonates, and sparkles like big sun on syrupy water. This cassette is very well recorded and even professionally mastered. One of the finest NP releases thus far.

NP148 Hot & Cold " Conclusion Introduction" C20

Hot & Cold are two brothers Simon and Joshua Frank who divide up time in Beijing and NYC/Toronto respectively. This tape had its origins on the very stellar Rose Mansion Analog label out of Beijing and we felt it fitting to re-release it state side to try and increase its profile as this is an excellent collection of tracks for this young duo. Some cool Martin Rev. fuzz tones shake over propulsive post punk bass and drum machine pop to create some weird cross section of south east Asian style psychedelic garage groove and loner darkness ala 39 Clocks and the like. Killer.

NP147 The Pink Noise C26

With previous vinyl releases on prolific contemporary indie labels like Sacred Bones, Kill Shaman etc. Montreal's Pink Noise are not an unknown presence in underground music circles. This new cassette plays out similar to a 7inch in duration but packs a solid punch of glittery psychedelic synth punk and raucous post punk nihilism. Coming off even a bit more odd then previous releases this current material has a cold annihilated feel similar to early Chrome. Visions of late night drugged out concrete jungle lurking come to mind.

NP146 Bomber Jackets " Larching" C32

Bomber Jackets made their release debut recently on a split 7" with the Rebel that is out on Savory Days and Kill Shaman and this tape gets deeper into the odd world they create. Consisting of members from the excellent UK group the Pheromoans and with ties to other recent NP release Charcoal Owls this cassette offers further necessary obstruction of contemporary art punk and synth aesthetics. Crisp odd synth pop tones collide against the distinct vocal style represented on many of these fellows other outputs. Overtly a hard to pin down affair as would be expected but with of course no disappointments.

NP143 The Garment District " Melody Elder" C40

Melody Elder is the debut release by Pittsburgh-based The Garment District, the new musical project of multi instrumentalist Jennifer Baron, who was a founding member of Brooklyn's The Ladybug Transistor (Merge Records). Recorded both with Kevin C. Smith in Friendship, PA, and in her home-base Golden Mountain studio. Sometimes hazy, sometimes articulate, the songs and sound collages of Melody Elder lie somewhere at the intersection of pop music sensibility, soundtracks, experimentation, and synth-driven ambience. Making an appearance on Melody Elder is Jennifer's cousin Lucy Blehar on lead vocals, and legendary Television Personalities/Swell Maps' member Jowe Head on bass. A truly distinct new voice and musical presence is presented by The Garment District.

NP143 German Army "Papua Mass" C40

Germany Army comes from mystery periphery LA zones, transmissions from submarine or some Hollywood studio closet, who knows. The Kill Shaman axis might have some hidden knowledge on the subject of said origins but we can't figure it out. Regardless this cassette gets deep into a mutant lab rat labyrinth of synth tones, concussion drum machine hiss, and warped spoken vocals. Post punk poetics ranting in some forgotten dream hole speaking to the speakers up close and personal.

NP133 Blanche Blanche Blanche- “Songs of” C32

Blanche Blanche Blanche hail from Brattleboro VT and have a recent 7” out on Feeding Tube Records that was cut from the same recording session as the tracks on this cassette. With some recent press attention stemming from the 7” and some recent videos made by the band for some of their songs, this release will be sure not to disappoint new fans of the group. BBB make a very distinct blend of pop music. Jazzy retro synth arrangements create a backdrop for catchy monotone vocals that often dual between vocalists, creating a sort of minimalist post punk reference point for these often goofy and very enjoyable tunes. One of the best and strangest bands witnessed live in recent times, BBB are truly distinct and fun. Upcoming LP on Night-People this summer.

NP115 Terror Bird- Human Culture LP

This is the long awaited debut LP from Vancouver’s Terror Bird, comprised of wife and husband duo Nikki Never and Jeremiah Haywood. Night-People teamed up with German label Adagio 830 to present this master piece of heartfelt, haunted, ethereal pop music. Nikki’s piano and synth arrangements guide her voice full of feeling and beauty through layers of dark ambience that constantly break away into shinny spaces of hopeful abandon. We are very excited to present this focused and finely crafted album. UK and Euro orders look to Adagio 830 for the Euro pressing of this record. Artwork by Shawn Reed. LISTEN

NP138 Lantern- “Stranger I Come/Stranger I Leave” C26

Lantern is Zachary Fairbrother Philly by way of Montreal resident backed up in the full band mode by Emily Robb and Sophie White. Lantern’s bluesy infused earlier efforts in loner rock built up a bit of buzz in the internet media zone but this full on noisy blast of full on Stooges/Denudes/Bo Didley heavy proto punk garage psych will surely turn even more ears to this new talent with serious rock n’ roll moves. Co-Released with Sweat Lodge Guru.

NP135 Trailblazer- “Successor” C32

Trailblazer is the solo project of Lexington KY resident Coleman Guyon who did a prior 7inch on Chicago label Moniker Records. Trailblazer creates blasted anthem drum machine driven walls of dreamy sound from voice, synth and guitar that pour out melodic repetition that would fit right at home with late Spacemen early Spectrum, Kraut punks La Dusseldorf, and the best of the Creation records jams. The motorik back beat present in these tracks makes these tunes perfect for long drives, summer nights, and general getting blissed out. Video:

NP137 Chrome Dome- “s/t” C16

Chrome Dome a trio from Melbourne AU, channeling dark brooding synth punk into an intense droned out assault on the senses. After a slew of great down under releases, Chrome Dome finally have a chance to hit the international radar and no contemporary band in the contemporary minimal synth/cold wave/synth pop vein deserving it more. Great well recorded material bleeds from this magnetic tape, and Night-People is so excited to help spread the word.

NP126 Sewn Leather- “No Need for Reverse Talking” C26

Sewn Leather’s back at it in the Night-People fold. What remains of his dirt party crust anthems has been distilled into more long form instrumentals, dubbed out industrial sludge, and apocalyptic synth psychosis. Don’t get it wrong the new material hits even harder with an emphasis on guitar and synth playing. The finest Sewn Leather recordings yet, on par with recent Dog Leather collaborations.

NP127 Goldendust- “Digital Skies” C16

A cassette precursor/demo to a Night-People LP coming out later this summer, Goldendust are the Midwest’s finest purveyors of minimal synth bleakness, catchy synth pop gloom, and lingering soundscape isolation. This duo has horded and honed there analog synth and electronic library to create something mesmerizing and of its own will. Upcoming LP on Night-People this summer.

NP136 Street Gnar- “Poking the World with a Stick” C32

Street Gnar is Case Mahan from Lexington KY, first coming to our attention after a great tape released on killer Portland label Eggy Records ended up in the mailbox. Fast forward a few months and we have Case’s newest and finest release yet. “Poking the World” has everything we like about catchy rock music; an experimental edge with lots of variety, good song writing with plenty of hooks to keep the tape rolling. Taking cues from a deep variety of music, Street Gnar is a great blend of Cleveland style proto punk snarl, Krautrock groove, and Kiwi pop keeping it easy.

NP108 Rene Hell - "Baroque Arcade" C20

Will anyone ever fully catch on, be able to keep track of, or catch up with Jeff Witscher’s mysterious output? like trying to understand alien technology, like feeling space and time itself like a drug, this cassette of new Rene Hell material falls easily amongst Witscher's best offerings and falls like a prelude to his upcoming LP on Type. An intense abyss of ambiguous voices, decaying rhythm tracks, synth ambience, super hi fi production and panning techniques, Baroque Arcade endlessly stretches out from the speakers like some new world being born.

NP102 EMA - "Little Sketches On Tape" C32

EMA is Erika Anderson of the recently broken up long running west coast band Gowns. Despite being recorded when Gowns was still active this cassette seems the perfect moving on of sorts for Erika's vast creative potential. This release of solo guitar, piano, voice, and tape collage couldn't be blessed with more heartfelt beauty, it seems almost impossible as is, the amount of intimate feeling that resounds in the tape. The tape itself taking on properties of the composition used as an instrument in and of itself to accompany Erika's amazing voice and lyrics. This release took a long time to fully come together and actually come out, it was well worth the wait, it doesn't get any better then this.

NP105 Dirty Beaches - "Night City" C32

This all instrumental Dirty Beaches cassette has us really excited about the kind of depth and space that is created in the approach to this project, with a Debut LP coming out on Night People later this year the amount of variety being showcased in recent recordings and demos leads us to think that something truly great is coming together. Night City stretches out like an endless shimmering world of cinematic movement and light, layers of synth and organ jamming glide over a steady backdrop of analogue rhythm machines and textural ambience. This cassette is as good as anything released on Night-People and is the kind of music that could complete any moment or movement in travel to the extent of just simply listening to this while getting from any point A to point B.

NP110 Sleep Over - "s/t" C20

This Austin three piece comprised of members: Christa Palazzolo, Sarah Brown, and Stefanie Franciotti is as fresh of a new band as they come. Featured recently on the sold out Bathetic tape comp "Dark as Night". Sleep Over has a dreamy psychedelic pop/ druggie elctro pop sound that eludes to a sort of ethereal but dynamic minimalism that is as deep and heavy as it is lite and airy. Something beautiful and haunting runs through these four tracks to create a stunner of a first release by this great new band.

NP123 Charcoal Owls - "Remastered Gardens" C32

Charcoal Owls is R. Walker from Night-People’s favorite current UK band the Pheromoans and Tom James Scott who does solo material with the Bo’Wevil label. Been sitting scratching my head trying to figure out what to say about Charcoal Owls and there tape Remastered Gardens it sort of defies description. A collage aesthetic pervades throughout and a kind of spoken word approach with a bit of fractured story telling seems to create a majority of the structure. This release is very composed, it almost seems theatrical in its composition how sounds and rhythm align with words to create a subtle but developed musical narrative that makes more sense musically then literally. Probably the weirdest Night-People release, but definitely one of our favorites.

NP125 The Savage Young Taterbug – “Theme for Gasoline Weirdo” C16

Back in Iowa City after some recent weary road damage, Charles Free keeps his cosmos osmosis Americana gritty and grimy on his latest “Theme for Gasoline Weirdo”. Bringing in a new phase as the dandelion greaser, letting his long hair get short, and his white suite turn grey, Charles lets the tape roll over and over itself as the broken radio plays. So if you dig this dude’s style you won’t be disappointed, and if you don’t then you don’t but that’s ok too.

NP129 Daughters of the Son- “Orphans” C26

Minneapolis long time psych drone rockers Daughters of the Sun follow up their recent and now sold out Not Not Fun LP with this cassette of eclectic jams. This tape features their distinct rock out mode but spends more time hovering around in the deep space of ambient synth with drum work outs, and blissed psych workouts. If you dug the Not Not Fun material this won’t disappoint.

NP130 Robedoor- “Rock Bottom” C36

Long time LA dungeon pysch trio Robedoor have been honing there long form psychedelic drift for some time now, continually moving towards a more guitar and drums based sound in their own distinct way. What is always at play is a heavy sense of dread, created by a massive fog of dense psychedelic sound and ambience, but residing as well is a sense of space and minimalism that draws comparisons to late night trippers like Denudes and Taj Mahal Travelers.

NP131 Eklin- “Onwa” C45

Eklin are a Dutch band who inhabit a sound space almost completely free from reference or genre specificity. There minimalist Kraut rock like rhythms pounds out deep melodic grooves that make room for singer Lo’s haunting choruses. With the addition of glacial synths, extra percussion elements, and minimalist guitar flourishes, “Onwa” becomes an album of distinct voice and beauty that resides within a contemporary artistic originality that is rarely achieved by “new” music.

NP132 Cellophane Spill- “s/t” C26

Cellophane Spill coming out of Austin TX has ties to Switched On, Mutating Meltdown, Low Red Center, Answering Machine Records, and represents a new voice in the quickly growing vintage synth obsessed underground. Cellophane Spill not only represents a progression but a full evolution towards something truly strange and exciting. One of the most original and exciting statements ever issued on Night-People Cellophane Spill must be heard, because it defies expectation and description. Was this music even created by humans?

NP134 Three Legged Race – “As Ed Sunspot” C20

Three Legged Race is Robert Beatty, Lexington KY resident connected to Resonant Hole, Hair Police and piles of amazing visual artwork. On this cassette Three Legged Race creates shimmery piles of syrupy synth layers and electronic blooms that create whole new systems and universes of sound, weaving and merging between each other to create an eclectic evolving listening experience. Three Legged Race is one of the true masters of contemporary synth music and this cassette is one of his finest moments thus far.

NP142 Naked on the Vague- “Midnight” C32

This tape is a soundtrack for the 12 Dark Noons film which was a sort of collaboration filmed last summer in Australia between Future Primitive Films in the directors seat with assistance by NOTV, Sacred Bones and Night-People. A bit different then NOTV’s other material having more in common with the Blood Sessions era of the bands material then the newer full band sound. A largely instrumental synth guided affair retaining the distinctive brooding and eclectic quality of their other releases.

NP145 Alps "Golden" C32

Newcastle NSW AU main man Chris Hearn, long time solo ripper and old school vegan punk with a deep record collection who hits US tours traveling by Greyhound. Like the wild mind behind them his recordings tread all territory from ambient synth to fuzzed out garage punk steps out with his first release on Night-People, but sitting solid in a discography that is as deep as it is diverse. Chris released a killer solo LP last year himself under the Past Futures label that is as good as anything we heard from down under last year which is a high mark for how much great music is being made in Australia these days. This tape sits like a nice extra chapter to that LP and retains Alps diverse approach.

NP080 Tyvek- Blunt Insturmental EP 1 sided 12" (silkscreened picture disc.)

Tyvek don't need much introduction, Detroit area art punk garage rockers, who have a bunch of killer prior material on labels like Siltbreeze, Subpop, M'Ladys, X, Whats Your Rupture etc. Absolutely killer stuff here on this delux arted out vinyl reissue of a limited tour cassette. Blunt Intsturmental isn't all insturmental but there is a focus on letting the rythms and noise play out a bit. Whats interesting is that while the sound and insturmentation jam out a bit more it feels even more raw and stripped down then the recent full length LP. A sort of step forward into a more groove oreinted, noisy jammy territory while simultaniously returning to the sound of the early singles. A real raw art punk feel like early Swell Maps or The Fall etc. One of the great bands of these times.

NP100 Wet Hair/Naked on the Vague- Split LP

Prime split LP from Iowa City's Wet Hair and Naked on the Vague from Sydney Australia. Both bands have a slew of releases on a host of good labels but this might be the best offering from both yet. The release feels cohesive despite being a split long player with the similarities in aesthetic ideas and sounds of the two groups being taken into consideration. Despite both bands recently taking on new members beyond there duo origins both stick to the duo lineup for this release. Wet Hair is at there most composed taking on more pop sensibilities then prior recordings, focusing on the melodies both vocally and musically but retaining the psychedelic pulse of older material. Naked on the Vague follow with the focus on melody but draw things out as well into instrumental addition and subtraction, letting the effected variety of sound sources battle it out only to decay together in the end. LISTEN

NP124 White Woods - "Bellplay" C45

White Woods is a new band from Melbourne Australia, another great addition to an already saturated scene of excellent dreamy jangly guitar pop bands from that city. White Woods inhabit a bit of a post Velvets/Chills/Moles/Byrds sound with a tight and propulsive rhythm section. Really excellent song writing and dynamics going on here with a subtle approach that feels jammed out and patient. Been listening to this on repeat, as good as anything released on the label past or present.

NP122 Factums - "Guilding the Lilies" C45

Factums have several excellent LP's that have come out over the last few years on labels like Sacred Bones, Siltbreeze etc. Considered to be a truly great live band by many fans, this mysterious trio live in different cities and pop up a couple times a year to deliver a new record of tight post punk weirdness, post industrial soundscapes, and mutant science lab explorations. Another killer offering here with a bit of new territory staked out by the band. Strange almost world music sound zones are explored in parallel to a dark synth punk aesthetic that fluctuates between druggie rhythm machine punkers and droney sound worlds. Really great stuff of course.

NP121 We Shave - "In the Flesh" C52

We Shave is long time Memphis and off and on Iowa City resident Brendan Spengler who has been in a bunch of bands including most recently Viva La American Death Ray Music and prior solo project Teledildonics 5000. Lindsay Chastain is a recent collaborator and provides some sweet sultry vocals on prime track Creem Dreem Blues. In the Flesh is a full albums worth of melodic drugged out psych pop that's heavy on the experimental undertones and organ jamming. On par with other recent Night-People tapes tinged with outsider garage rock and velvets leaning noisy rhythm zones with a bit of Eno esque dream sound. In the Flesh is good for all moods, all times of day, and all zones from city to country road.

NP120 Coppertone - "Best of the First Six Months" C32

Coppertone is Sasha Weisman long time Providence Rd resident (and sometimes Russian Tsarlag ) now calling sunny LA her home. With all the recent rediscovery of cold wave and minimal synth bands its hard to find something in that vein that adds something fresh that isn't mimicking the past. These songs accomplish just that, working far outside of genre influence or historical aesthetics. This tape sounds great with a high caliber of recording quality and song writing. Forays into dreamy folk tinged psychedelic wanderings break up the bleak post industrial dark pop tones of the other tracks and provide a deep and interesting listening experience with plenty of catchy hooks to keep this one rolling over and over again.

NP119 Circuit Des Yuex - "Degrees of Seperation" C20

Circuit Des Yuex is long running solo project by Haley Fohr who currently living in Bloomington IN. After a couple excellent LPs on great Minneapolis label De Stiljl this tape is another addition to a growing catalog by Haley. A loner outing of soulful isolated music inhabiting an intimate world of murky landscapes and haunted feelings. Sonic textures drift in and out of lo fi tape saturated acoustic guitar ballads as Haley's voice rings from distant surrounds. At times up front and then again fading away. Another great release from Circuit Des Yuex.

NP118 Yves/Son/Ace - "Unsung" C52

New tape from long time Night-People contributor Yves Son Ace. Truly ambiguous and mysterious loner zones continue with this project of woozy synths, vintage rhythm machines, and syrupy singing. A good continuation and further exploration of the sounds and aesthetic presented by the Parade of Thoughts LP. This long playing cassette keeps things creepy and obscure while adding plenty of experimentation and catchiness to keep you coming back for more.

NP117 Meercaz - "Rough Around the Edges" C36

Meercaz is Muzz Delgado who takes up residence in Portland OR kicking out damaged glammy proto punk rockers that would fit right in with watching Over the Edge with the sound off. Previous releases on Gulcher, Tic Tac Totally etc. Muzz definitely has his own thing going, separating his jams from the stew of garage revivalism with a sound that blasts like a mutant strain of retro futuristic rock and roll that frees itself from time all together. Some of these are weirdo demo takes for upcoming records, but I think listeners will find this tape to be a gem all on its own.

NP116 Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - "s/t" C32

Dan Melchior is a bit of a legend with heaps of releases on a variety of labels he shouldn't need much introduction. This tape is no exception and a good addition to Melchior's excellent catalog of albums. This tape is all over the place a searing blend of hot lava psyched out garage stompers and dirgey ballads smeared around Dan's dry absurd lyrics and shouted vocals. It seems like Dan used Night-People's esoteric and eclectic nature to get even more weird on this one, as good as anything he's done which is a very high mark.

NP114 Horsebladder - "Nicole" C32

Horsebladder is Elaine Kahn, musician, poet, and generally rad lady. Taking up refuge in Northhampton after a few years in Iowa City, this is Horsebladder's first distributed release. The singing really stands out on this tape and mixes well with the minimal and dramatic synth pop aesthetic. Tape manipulations and subtle loops that sit behind the central compositions create an atmosphere of introspective and intimate listening. Expect more great releases to pop up from Horsebladder in the near future.

NP111 PC Worship - "Millenial Kreephaus" C26

PC Worship is loose group of NYC based musicians headed up by Justin Frye from Teeth Mountain and Gary War. With prior releases on SHDWPLY Records PC Worship has steadily been building up a reputation. PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers like Starring at the Sun (highlighted on the recent Cola Heavy Nights mix). Really solid stuff here that veers all over the place and never lets up no surprise coming from talented mastermind Justin Frye.

NP109 Lazer Zeppelin - "Pyramid Echo" C40

The name doesn't really describe it for this one. Lazer Zeppelin is a weirdo ensemble of ladies and gents from Olympia Washington who bring some serious new moves. Hard driving psychedelic country that fits right inbetween The Cherry Blossoms and Parable of Arable Land era Red Krayola, that kind of loose tight sound that so many classic rippers from the 60's could only seem to pull off. Really catchy, upbeat stuff with tons of variety and instrumentation. Like the Carter Family meeting up and jaming with the Elevators or Velvets, pretty weird but it works. I can see nods to the Uke of Spaces folks too. Totally fresh style for what is going on right now and they have a killer live feel. The new LP is great too, will have some copies in the distro soon.

NP104 Broken Water - "s/t" C26

With a fresh new debut LP on Night-People catching some attention, we follow up with a limited cassette of Broken Waters early demo material. Recorded just a few months before the songs for the album these six tracks of killer drumming, shimmering wall of noise guitars, dreamy vocals, and psychedelic shoegaze showcase how killer Broken Water was right out of the gate.

NP106 The Savage Young Taterbug - "Syrupy Evenings" C20

Fresh off an epic US tour with Tracey Trance and Sci Fi Sam, this new tour tape of lost wandering and hazy abandon delves further into Taterbug's obsession with burnt American musical detritus. Recorded pre tour in loner isolation in his mom's Des Moines basement, Syrupy Evenings falls further into dreamy gospel stompers, loner bluesy piano ballads, AM radio fuzz and funky drug jams. Taterbug's quirky karaoke style got even weirder for this one.

NP107 Pageants - "s/t" C20

Pageants hail from Melbourne Australia and take up some of the same scene space as bands like Super Wild Horses, the Twerps, the Ancients etc. Surfing on a kind of upbeat but droney reverb soaked guitar pop sensibility, they ride out with catchy somewhat melancholy vocal verses that remind us a bit of the best of the 90's Byrds influenced bands from the USA, the UK and NZ. Pageants totally has the epic jangly guitar pop sound down but do it in there own way that has the same sort of fresh feel and brightness of the recent Twerps tape. Perfect summertime jams.

NP112 DuneBuggy - "Live: White Paint/High Jinx and the Perfume Tuxedo" C20

Dune Buggy Live from from a warehouse gig in Iowa City, sounds surprisingly good for being recorded on handheld cassette, maybe as suspected more Denudes pysch style vibe here then the post Seeds/Troggs sort of rock n' roll they sometimes swim around in pretty slimey as usual with some real downer jammers thrown in to make the girls and boys sad about not liking each other anymore. Pretty killer indeed.

NP113 Body - "Chief of Time and Frequency" C36

Body is Alex Body long time Iowa City resident and former Twelve Canons member. This tape highlights Alex's first forays into playing solo and it really shines. Like a drugged cosmic blend of synth pop, post TREX glam, ambient noise and bleak world views it really steps out of any kind of real genre reference to create something totally its own. It sounds crazy but this sounds like a really weird synth pop band jamming with Neil Young and Marc Bolan while DJing reggae and dancehall 45's. Expect more greatness from Alex Body soon.

NP099 Broken Water- Whet LP

This is the debut LP by Olympia Washington 3 piece Broken Water. Consisting of former Sisters (Parts Unknown Records) and Congradulations members, Broken Water's sound seems to resound in the rainy coastal woodlands that they are surrounded by. Dense walls of slow swirling distortion breath out into moments of cold syrupy magma and reverb drenched beauty. Droning post punk bass grooves build foundations for constantly evolving guitar riffing and somber vocal passages, a subtle psychedelic sound as heavy as it is lite, as dark as it is colorful, and as deep as it is wide. Broken Water's dreamy take on hazy pastoral sonic exploration is as unique as it is nostalgic and provides endless amounts of killer listening. Silkscreened artwork by Shawn Reed. LISTEN

NP091 Dead Luke - "Cosmic Meltdown" C45

Dead Luke’s Cosmic Meltdown is a full length album full of disenchanted wandering, psychedelic annihilation, working man blues, and torched pop mysticism. Some great stuff here from this prolific Madison WI resident. With previous releases on Sacred Bones and an upcoming LP on Floridas Dying this tape is a great primer for the newer more psych rock influenced songs Luke has been crafting. Cosmic Meltdown has a bit of a bitter broken heart vibe, and it fits really nicely with the blasted reverb soaked approach. Art by SDReed.

NP092 Faceplant - "s/t" C30

Faceplant is Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights solo recordings generated from his distinct home built pile of electronics and hand-made modular synths. Rhythmically propulsive space tones glide over a broken landscape of fractured cut up noise bursts and dystopian uneasiness. Faceplant sounds like the dark corners of Peaking Lights dreamy ethereal world. There is sometimes something nice to uneasy listening. Artwork by RGarbes.

NP093 Baronic Wall - "The Golden Sword/In Granite Parlor" C45

Baronic Wall is former Iowa City resident Jack Gilbert who recently moved back to his home turf in the Welsh countryside. This cassette is a re-release of the ultra limited self released “Golden Sword” cassette and the Agents of Chaos issued “In Granite Parlor”. After a series of destructive freak out prone live shows Baronic Wall was put to tape with help from Jeff Witscher and what found its way onto those tapes is a fucking weird stew of sci fi synth punk and sordid artistry. Dry as hell poetically fucked British ranting over torched keyboard sludge, the mannerism of this music are obessesion with detritus. There is a Lambkin/ vintage Fazzini vibe here, and the far out heights of this spaceship see no bounds. Art by SDReed.

NP094 Tracey Trance - "Fountain" C30

We first came across Tracey out on the road, passing through Bloomington Indiana. His organ with a big Dutch Hex painted on the back and keyboards piled up in a corner looked liked an interesting mess. The live result was a weird stunning mix of drum machine baked psychedelic zydeco, Tiny Tim like vocals, and sunny pop goop. The music was really fun, people danced, and Tracey turned out to be just as charming and interesting as his music. With a recent tape on El Tule and more to come on Not Not Fun, expect more from Tracey soon. Art by SDReed.

NP095 Pink Priest - "Gulls Diving Into the Ocean" C20

Pink Priest is Arkansas resident William Cody Watson, who also spends time co-running the Bathetic Label, and playing with Wild Safari. Real deep loner zone feelings on this cassette. Low rumbling synth and electronics blowing over a windswept landscape by the sea. Isolating, atmospheric and gloomy but with subtle touches of light almost airy tones floating in and out to create a deeper more dynamic composition. New LP out on La Station Radar as well, and more on the horizon for sure. Art by SDReed.

NP096 The Pheromoans - "s/t" C26

The Pheromoans are from the UK and poses some of the best forward potential in contemporary artsy garage punk. With prior 7inches out on Savory Days, Convulsive, and Yakisakana, a prolific discography is already in the works. Comparisons have been made to the Fall, the Shadow Ring, the Scrotum Poles etc. and that all fits well and good, but this cassette even further highlights The Pheromoans distinct collage inspired mess of lo fi spoken word junk, savage riffing, and pop tinted abandon. Really great stuff. Art by SDReed.

NP097 DuneBuggy - "Suck Me Through a Flavor Straw" C10

New DuneBuggy via the Garbes/Taterbug axis, two longer jammers. A side is DeNudes loner guitar vibes transitioning into a short garage punk stomper. B side is Dunebuggys best moment yet, a long upbeat organ ripper, raw and on the spot, hazed, sad and heartfelt. Art by RGarbes.

NP098 Wild Safari - "Cave Sequins" C24

Wild Safari is a mystery synth/electronics duo with connections to Pink Priest who record shimmering walls of atmospheric dream time music. The kind of jams that are perfect for headphone headspace, late night time spent in mind jungles and deep space orbits around tropical new planets. Isolating lush and uplifting. Art by SDReed.

NP090 The Savage Young Taterbug - "River Mortis" C20

Well Taterbug is back with another release for Night-People. Even more dust and grime this time around, even more Americana smoke collecting in the recesses of your brain while you soak up these torched tunes. The dirtiest heartfelt heartland music you will ever hear... played by Taterbug... teenage wastoid mother fucker... Huckleberry Finn/ Peter Pan creep... lost in a cornfield for life searching for that mystic tee pee in the sky filled with pretty young boys and drugs.

NP089 Ryan Garbes - "Born Under the Sun" C20

Ryan Garbes returns to his solo recordings after spending heavy time playing in Wet Hair and working on his Exterminator remix series. Some things have changed for sure, on this tape of Spectrum/Spacemen 3/ VU inspired tunes, Ryan drops head first into a sticky pool of reverb drenched burnt electric instrumentation. Its not as if the sensibilities of past solo recordings are gone, its as if the noisy rhythms have been refined and perfected, distilled into full on drone pop perfection. Ryan's keyboard and synth playing really flow on this one, leaving his gooey melodic pop centric vocals to be the big surprise. Great stuff. Expect a 7" from Arbor soon.

NP087 Tee Pee - "s/t" C20

Tee Pee, prolific one man recording project from Miami is at it again after a bunch of tapes and singles from labels like Florida is Dying, Hozac, and Jerkwave. This one is pretty different though, the eclectic aspects of Tee Pee seem to be kind of spread out on these songs, spaced out, given time to stand on there own, a more minimal, darker, more atmospheric vibe prevails here that hints a bit more towards loner psychedelic guitar and improv then any prior Tee Pee recordings have. Still present is the punchy, noisy psychedelic synth punk of Tee Pees beginnings here and there, but its fused with an almost worldy sound, something really eclectic and unknown. A progression for sure.

NP088 California Son - "California Sun" C20

California Son is mystery music played by Iowa native weirdo clown of reknown, Charles Free aka the Savage Young Taterbug. Pure California dreaming on this one, songs for shitty headphone jammin while working the nine to five at the upstate pot plantation. Sleep on your drug rug under the sun, and let the weird vibes creep in. Lost mind time for sure, the sound of the 60's played warped speed slow for golblin ears and dogs.

NP086 The Polyps - "The Gong is the Moon" C26

The Polyps is Raf Speilman, Portland OR resident, Golden Hours member, and Eggy Records main man. After checking out a killer Polyps tape on Digitalis and a 7" on Eggy, Night-People had to get involved with releasing something for this killer project. An eclectic collage sensibility prevails on this recording, track to track there is an interesting variety, synth goop and guitar drone mix with burnt to hell upbeat folky pop tunes vaguely reminiscent of a 90's Expressway vibe, totally its own deal though, another almost unclassifiable tape from Night-People.

NP085 Dirty Beaches - "s/t" C22

Dirty Beaches is Alex Zhang Hungtai who has been living in Montreal for the last few years but has spent time in California, Hawaii and China and has plans to move to Vancouver soon. The aspect of distance, moving, upheaval seems significant to Dirty Beaches sound and aesthetic, drifting, weaving, pulsing... somber droney garage pop tunes, that seem to float off in some distant geography. Sonically there in your head but out of touch. the sound has a disconnected but beautiful feeling, a series of mental refractions going on, like looking into the infinity mirror at a packed night club from some old technicolor movie while good looking people from some other uknown lands dance around you. Strange stuff that feels right in its strangeness.

NP084 The Twerps - "s/t" C30

The Twerps from Melbourne Australia are one of the best indie/guitar pop bands I have heard in a long time, and there is alot of good lo fi pop floating around right now. Its surprising more attention hasn't been allotted them already. Comparisons to prior down under bands from Australia and New Zealand from the 80's and 90's come to mind, but the Twerps rock in there own contemporary way evoking a real tasteful and straightforward approach that just hits the nail on the head. The approach is totally dynamic uplifting, and well composed... low key rock music with hints at 60's garage rock and pysch pop that doesn't rely on blown out production to create atmosphere, its already there in the song writing, in the reverb soaked guitars, in the contemplative vocals. Killer stuff from this new band just getting going.

NP083 Smycken - "Video Haze" C28

Smycken are from Goteborg Sweden, they inhabit the same type of unpredictable sonic and musical realms that alot of there more Northern neighbors from the Fonal Finnish family of bands seem to inhabit. A sort of collage aesthetic binds together the unhinged synth pop sensibilities of Smycken with forays into field recordings, vocal freakouts, psychedelic electronics, and woodsy folk eruptions. Something shinny, cosmic, and glacial is always ridding over the sounds, mutating them together through weaving synth oscillations and vocal mantras, that seem to highlight the pop sensibilities of this recording as much as they blur them.

NP082 Sewn Leather - "s/t" C20

Sewn Leather is scum anthem, beat heavy, new wave trash. Dance party tunes for dead beat punks, dirty weirdos, and those who aspire to morbid underground lifestyles. Essentially the wrong kind of party jams for the wrong kind of party. Mixed by Ryan Garbes for maximum crusty fidelity, the closest recorded document thus far to hit as hard as the raw live shows. Always on tour or sleeping on your friends couch. Artwork by SDReed.

NP058 Kites / Earth Crown - Split LP

This is a cold vision of a dark trash covered future full of Sci Fi nightmares and strange out of body experiences.  This is the final Kites recording and is perhaps the strangest and most chaotic piece in the prolific discography.  Annihilation synth and tape collage, cut up, sped up and dialed to oblivion.  Earth Crown steps it back, slows down the pulse, lets the edges of the static curl around the drone to the breaking point, where the damage is let loose, purged out and built again. This LP is a reminder of how cold, desolate, and haunting life can be.  Silkscreened by Shawn Reed, Art by Kites and Earth Crown.

NP076 Shearing Pinx - "s/t" C32

Shearing Pinx are long running Vancouver staples and are one of the bands that seemed to really help solidify that cities underground weirdo music community to an audience outside of its own geography. This new tape in there very prolific discography is tension filled angular noisy post no wave dirge, waves of cascading guitar dread and percussion propulsion, gliding over a subtle underbelly of chimey strum and atmosphere. Technical, tectonic, chaos. Artwork by SDReed.

NP074 Hanging Coffins - "s/t" C40

Hanging Coffins are a strange new pysch punk band from Eugene OR. Night-People got exposed to these dudes Chrome esque, creeped out, dark, druggy jams via there cassette on Madison's Jerkwave Tapes, and this new cassette is just as good, and maybe even weirder. This is a stark album not in its lack of fullness of instrumentation or composition but in its isolated downer feelings and mood, there are times when something brighter and slightly uplifting shines through the fog of the menacing psychedelic guitar grit, but for the most part this is damaged primordial alien rock and it rips. Artwork by SDreed.

NP073 Meth Teeth - "s/t" C16

This is a re release of Meth Teeth's Indian Spirits Demo from last summer's nationwide tour. Long time Night-People pals, Meth Teeth reside in Portland OR. and in some ways embody the rainy day big country vibe of the city with its youth culture dreamers, old druggies, and rustic history. There is something that is really hard to pin down about Meth Teeth, the songs rely on simple ramshackle rhythms, upbeat shinny guitar interplay, and big fat chord churners, and alot of tambourine banging away on the snare drum. Ultra catchy summertime rockers keep you sad and lonely, and upbeat and hopeful all at once. LP on Woodsist soon. Artwork by SDReed.

NP072 Terror Bird - "Sociopaths are Glam" C36

Terror Bird is Nikki Never from Vancouver's Modern Creatures solo outlet. One of the finest recordings released in any format on Night-People, Terror Bird is honest, heartfelt, nostalgic pop music, layered in touches of dark ambiance and glittery sheen. Centered around Nikki's amazing voice and dirgey piano arrangements, Sociopaths are Glam references classic 80's and 90's dark pop without any historic worshiping or posturing. Couldn't be more excited to just sit around and listen to this amazing album. Artwork by SDReed.

NP071 DuneBuggy - "s/t" C20

Dune Buggy is Ryan Garbes and Charles "Taterbug" Free, expanding on both members obsessions with classic garage, punk, and pysch rock tunes and images. Dune Buggy is the pop realization of these obsessions. 20 minutes of catchy organ, guitar, and drum driven punkers delivered in Iowa City basement scum style haze. Cleaner then you think it will sound but with enough grit to keep it grimey, who new these two could play it this cool? Teeny bop, youth cult Armageddon rockers. Expect more on NP and Gel by Dunebuggy in the future. Artwork by RGarbes.

NP060 FNU Ronnies- s/t 1 sided 12" (silkscreened picture disc.)

This record has been in the works for a little while now and we couldn't be more happy to see it finally out. FNU Ronnies find home turf in both Philly and Oakland and have a previous 7inch on Richie Records. This 12" contains the same material as the recent cassette/CD on Denmark's Skrot Up label but we think you'll find the reissue well worth it. Deluxe art work by band member Jim Vail with silkscreening by Shawn Reed, FNU Ronnies are a weird almost indescribable mix of fucked up hardcore propulsion, industrial heaviness, electronics thrashing, and punked out cyborg nihilism. Aesthetic themes elude to psychedelic nightmares, Middle Earth monsters, and generally dark times. Seeing this band live last summer was a revelation into how musical genres could be mutated into something truly unpredictable and inspiring.

NP075 Earth Station - "Control Belief" C20

Earth Station is Mike Pollard (Abror Rec./Treetops etc.) and Peter Friel (Young tapes) new now age, space suit, field studies in the deep trenches of mars, power ambient band. Tidal waves of glacial synth murmur, the kind of intentionally epic stuff that you can't help but like if you let yourself truly drift off. The end is coming and this what it might sound like. Space music for earthlings. Total harmony, total control. Artwork by SDReed.

NP077 Hochman & Hopkins - "Live NYE" C34

Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm, Pagan Dawn) and Matthew Hopkins (Naked on the Vague, Near Tapes etc.) are from Sydney AU and this is there live Synthesizer project focused around otherworldly tonal eruptions, trance inducing electronics washes, science fiction fucked vocal sludge, and generally weird psych synth vibes. Lost mind submarine rides, drifting sitting at the point where the desert meets the sky, volcanoes erupting onto cities, all moving along past out of your control in your ears and across your mind. Artwork by SDReed.

NP069 Truth Syrum - "The Taker's Mistake" C20

Truth Syrum is one of the newer solo projects in the Iowa City weirdo underground. Will Kapp (spent some time in Pukers) as Truth Syrum creates strange loner mutant junk folk with damaged electric guitar, weird distorted vocals, and subtle noise textures. A bit like something you might hear out of New Zealand ala the Expressway label in the early 90's wtih a nod to contemporary junk art aesthetics and fried pysch guitar. Artwork by Will and RGarbes.

NP078 Weirding Module - "TIMEW33D" C46

Much in line with the weapon Weirding Module references in its name this cassette TIMEW33D attacks with varying sonic textures and sounds with a specificity that seems quite distinct. As strange as anything Night-People has ever released, this cassette of out world synth pulse, subtle interplays of heavy electronics, and queasy trance oscillations, is as spaced out as it gets. Peel the skin back something else is inside of us, speaking through the mind to the deep lost universe. Artwork by SDReed.

NP069 Yves/Son/Ace - "Cold Showers" C28

Yves/Son/Ace is a weird loner vibe (mem. of Factums, Love Tan etc), this cassette rips alot different then the upcomming LP on Night-People which is focused way more around the deconstruction of punked out drum machine pop, and drugged out psych electronics. Cold Showers is a return to a premordial place, dark caverns of synth muck, cold feelings, and drugged hulicinations. One of the strangest releases Night-People has released, which has us siked for sure. Deep and lost. Art by SDReed and Yves.

NP066 The Savage Young Taterbug - "Boys of the Feather" C20

Couldn't be more excited about this one, first offering from the smoked out styles of Iowa City's very own Savage Young Taterbug.  Teenage road warrior, dead head punk, perma triped wanderer, Taterbug lays down his tape collaged world of free flowing Americana psych bliss. Little bells, dustbowl ballad guitars, stand by me youth cult dreams, and Manson family mind fucks, its all here, even hope for a better tomorrow and a positive spirit for today which can say alot in these droned out wasted times. Let the light inside yr skull. Artwork by SDREED.

NP065 XRay Eyeballs - "s/t" C25

XRay Eyeballs is OJ and Carly (from NYC rockers Golden Triangle) new drum machine driven dark punk project. Bathed in reverb, low fi sheen, and weirdo grit, XRay Eyeballs sounds like two drifter kids covered in makeup and glitter trying to escape a dead city skyline proclaiming there love for each other as the world just passes them by. Creeped out and charming all at once. If the world died but the songs kept playing. Artwork by SDREED.

NP063 Trash Dog - "Namaste" C15

Another blast of scummy low fi thrash/hardcore sludge from Iowa City�s Trash Dog, definitely there best release to date.  The quality on this one is an all around step up, short and brutal, with some drifting riff driven annihilation feedback purge finding its way onto the B side. Rolling with a deep lineup of Gretchen, Witscher, Garbes, and Miller, this ultra limited release from fall of 08 needed to find its way around again. Lost mind, fucked life, void gang, shit and failure anthems. Artwork by RGarbes.

NP062 Jeans Wilder - "Antiques" C34

Jeans Wilder is new loner fuzz under the rug bedroom pop from San Diego that sits both on the sunny side and under the night time. Nostalgic, hazy, real pretty and low key, this one shines when it needs to for sure.  Hushed melodies abound and peak through the weird fog for a little bit of glory in the sun when the feeling is suited. Play at night on your headphones, thinking about lost love, abandoned dreams, and what�s next. Artwork by SDREED.

NP061 Blessure Grave - "Unknown Blessure" C26

Blessure Grave is new blood San Diego folk, goth, post punk, drawing resonance to alot that has come before but they keep it fresh and interesting. A lot of good repetitive hooks on this one with some bleak winter hell, frozen world, dead heart vibes makes for a dark listen.  Blessure Grave must have spent some time in the colder northern wastes of the American vastness before ending up in Southern Cal. Tons of output from this prolific group on the horizon, keep yr ears open. Artwork by SDREED.

NP045 Russian Tsarlag - Community Death Tube LP

Night-People is excited to present the first full length LP by Russian Tsaralg, long running solo performance and recording outlet of Tampa born Providence based creep crooner Carlos Gonzalez. Russian Tsaralag infuses sci-fi and horror movie aesthetics with strange loner punk minimalism. Tsarlags sparse, savage, downer, aesthetics, and strange audio skits, are the perfect soundtrack to the declining age.

NP068 Peaking Lights - "Two for Ceremony" C15

Another killer release by Night-People's favorite group, Madison WI's Peaking Lights. Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis cut this session for a late 08 west coast tour with Wet Hair, and it rips on in that beautifully dreamy, sparkling synth layered style of haunted electronics, dubed out organ beats, and cascading washes of psych blown guitar fuzz that is only Peaking Lights. Art by SDReed.

NP067 Nautilus - "Big Shadow" C25

Nautilus is NYC based muscian and artist Heidi Diehl's (Time-Life, WWVV etc) solo musical outlet. Airy landscapes of droning, vibranting, glacial subtlety, and atmopsheric instuermantls blend with decaying walls of sounds, none harsh or overpowering, all flowing in and out of each other in harmony. Voiced over the land, a symetry and wide vision of an endless horizon, drifting, falling and climbing, finding the way and loosing it again. Art by SDReed.

NP056 Wet Hair - "the Beach" C32

Tape from most recent west coast tour, features different versions of songs that will be released on a forthcoming lp and cd, plus some songs that will not.

NP043 Neon Tempal - Midnight Moods C44

Neon Tempal is Pascal Nicholas solo project, currently centered in Lyon France, this central England transplant spent times in groups like Stuckometer, Cars etc. Midnight Moods is centered around Pascal�s intimate, intense, and immediate drumming, and improvised percussion generated soundscapes. Occasional vocals and an assortment of other instruments come into the mix, but the feeling of live immediate playing is always at the forefront. Front cover by Pascal.

NP054 Knitted Abyss - Winter Barn C32

Knitted Abyss is Lucy Phelan (1/2 of Naked on the Vague) and Anna John two Sydney AU. Residents and staple down under weirdo makers. Winter Barn is like a dark reverberation of down tuned psychedelic guitar murmur and gothy drum machine rhythm, backed by ghostly vocals and doomy echoes. This is a real hazy, foggy, nocturnal set of sounds for a new mutant world. Art by SDreed.

NP055 Raccoo-oo-oon - Mythos Folkways 5 "Future Fusion" C46

Final installment in the Mythos Fokways series, recorded late summer 07 by Mike Dixon in Chicago, mastered by Pete Swanson, the companion piece to the epic final double LP on NNF/RTB. Dark drifting psych rock, circular and uplifting, guitars weave around atmospheric electronics and R. Garbes signature propulsive drumming. Late dead encrusted shrine rock for the end times. Art by Garbes/Reed.

NP053 Eternal Tapestry - The Declining Star C25

A real beast of a psych rock band, Eternal Tapestry (members of Heavy Winged, JOMF, Tunnels etc) kick it in the red with their melodic instrumental blasts of post PSF atmospheric epics and power trio freak outs. Ultra tight driving propulsive rhythm section work out provide the backdrop for layers of intricate guitar fuzz. Just the right amount of letting it rip and holding it back. Art by SDReed.

NP044 Caethua - The Pleasures of Manhood C23

Caethua is Clare Hubbard, traveling songstress, multi-instrumentalist, and general exceptional artist and person. On the Pleasures of Manhood Clare gives tribute to her stepfather poet Robley Conant Wilson on this elegant tape of reverb soaked folk gems. One of Night-Peoples highest fidelity and most considered releases yet, The Pleasures of Manhood, has an uplifting but somber side that allows the feeling of Clare�s excellent vocals and playing to shine through.

NP056 Driphouse - 3 C12

third installment in the driphouse series. features ultra rare digital violin, and less rare digital synthesizer, by Daren Ho, limited edition and limited quantity

NP047 Ryan Garbes - Freedom Now FREE DOWNLOAD

Whats Garbes getting into these days, with his blown out over saturated tape production style, broken guitar, jazz fusion drum styles? Freedom Now Suite? downloadable album? just keeps getting weirder. Right from the start this is a great release, things get started with an ultra melodic guitar driven burner, then things start to break down, strange broken down beats, rythms and rough guitar styles, blown apart but still riding on some kind of wave of upbeat melody. Hidden in there somewhere is even some church organ jams. Another killer what the fuck new age punk blast from Raccoo-oo-oon drummer, visual artist, generally siked dude, Ryan Garbes..

NP037 SHV - s/t C40

Ali formerly of the excellent Boston act Dreamhouse is SHV (Superior Human Vomit). I first got turned onto SHV via Ali playing in the basement here at Night People HQ. After that night Ali gave me a copy of her killer first SHV tape - Endless Love, on the Rare Youth label. SHV is never the same thing twice, always performative, always sitting on the edge of failure and greatness, always pushing the boundary. I've seen SHV jump through a ceiling to start a set, tie up a whole audience, stick a dude in an oven, and generally just rock the fuck out always. This tape doesn't disappoint either, blown out synth and drum machine burners, catchy post punk hypnosis, cultist weirdo gestures , something new on every listen of this especially hard to pin down puke punk project. Art by SHV, Printing by SDREED, with fold out double sided covers.

NP051 Wet Hair - 08 Tour Tape C30 $5

First document of Wet Hair as a  2 piece band, shows this quickly evolving project at its best thus far. Cult electric gospel burning, flowing over layers of analog synth atmosphere and industrial trance punk. More focused around distinctive vocal, organ and synth arrangements, with touches of live drumming giving way to drum machine pulse and electronic spew. Melodic, upbeat, focused, dark, warm, cold, catchy, and confusing,  Wet Hair is just beginning to grow into its own possibilities. Art by SDREED. MYSPACE

NP041 Peaking Lights - Clearvoiant C30 $5

Peaking Lights is Aaron and Indra (also of Numbers) from Rah Dunes new duo project recently relocated to rural Wisconsin from the Bay Area. Floating electronic pulses, controlled feedback, tape loops, organ, snyth, guitar, and vocal harmonies layered into  waves of four track noise pop goodness. The perfect soundtrack to walking in mysterious places, haunted neighborhoods, lost river banks, and bike rides at night. This release really glows and grows. Silkscreened artwork by SDREED. MYSPACE

NP030 Wet Hair - s/t 1 Sided 12" (silkscreened picture disc.) $10

This is the first solo work of Shawn Reed as Wet Hair, recorded during late fall of 07. On this LP we find Wet Hair discovering its attitude, its approach, its dark underworld aesthetic, of cult zone dub, blasted vocal purge, trance snyth uneasiness.  More direct, focused, and eclectic then the Irifi cass. this one burns blown out and electric, amplified to the point of breaking and then subtle and brooding once more. Play it loud. Ultra deluxe silkscreened artwork by SDREED. As much of a visual artifact as a medium of sound. Click image to see full artwork.

NP049 Earth Crown - Say Fuck You to the Beast C25 $5

Earth Crown is Door, and Door is Earth Crown, Door moved down to  Baltimore's annihilated warehouse district a few months ago from his legendary former address Castle Puppy in New Brunswick NJ and the change seems to make sense, the sound collected on this tape relates to the deserted post apocalyptic feel of the cities most lost inhabitants and streets.  Sci Fi sythy feedback fuckers, crust nihilism, industrial pulse wars, termination soundtracks, ultra control feeding into chaotic electronic spew, dystopian rules. Door is dialed into a dark cold future. Ragging and minimal, music for replicant dreams. Art by Door.

NP040 Talk Normal - S/T C20 $5

Talk Normal is a new 2 piece from Brooklyn NY consisting of members Andrya Ambro and Sarah Register. Disjointed angular structures contrast dense waves of percussion, found sounds, and melodic vocals, totally minimal and maximal all at once. Ridding out post punk creep jams and collage numbers reminiscent of This Heat,Talk Normal is a fresh one, lacking any kind of easy pigeon holing bullshit. This is really considered stuff. Very recommended. Art by SDREED. MYSPACE

NP050 Teeth Mountain - S/T C41 $5

Teeth Mountain are a heavy hitting drone and percussion unit from Baltimore. On this tape of hard hitting jams dense walls of cello, guitar, electronics and feedback glide along with an upbeat wave of percussion and drum pummel, a sound that would seem to fill the loftiest of churches, temples or gymnasiums. Featuring a revolving cast of Baltimore's finest, Teeth Mountain collage together some of there best live spills on this cassette of epic endless burners. Art by SDREED. MYSPACE

NP0 Ryan Garbes - quarter size book

New 24 page book with text and images, silkscreend covers, click cover image for a spread from book

NP044 Driphouse - 2 C12

Second installment in the Driphouse cassette series, more Krauty, droney, sonic-goo from Drip Daren Ho, even heavier then before, ultra limited and gone before it even touched the Night-People website. Possible collective reissue on the horizon after more of these come out?

NP042 Driphouse - 1 C12

Daren Ho, Raccoo-oo-oon member, general shredder, presents his first solo release Driphouse 1. Textural ambient drone scape, with pulsing backdrops, synth layers, deep vocal swells, this one recalls so many great moments of Kraut Electronic Cyborg Bliss but does it all in its own way, trance vibrations for the digital age. Artwork by Drip. (This is an ultra limited tour tape, so limited to mail order only in very sparse quantity so act fast.)

NP040 Trash Dog - Wasted Gift C32 $5

The name says it all, annihilated, fucked up, hardcore damage from Witcher, Drip, and Garbage, Iowa City underground punk filth. Manic deranged vocals over primitive punk trash. Includes special bonus addition of the ultra limited and out of print Garbage Eater cass. Killer Double sided fold out cover and mini zine artwork by Ryan Garbes.

NP039 Social Junk - Champs 08 C41 $5

Met this group of West Virginians down in Miami at INC back in Feb. I was instantly siked on there sound and live show. Total wreckage, throwing drums around the room, yelling into broken mics, four track warble, guitar feedback, totally unhinged damage but focused and intense. Comparisons to Sword Heaven, Savage Republic, The Dead C, etc. might be accurate but overall Social Junk is really hard to pin down. Haunted electronics, floating on an endless barrage of pissed vocals and repetitive drum jams. Silkscreened Artwork by SDREED. Social Junk full length LP coming soon on Not Not Fun. MYSPACE

NP038 Ryan Garbes - Shit Education C32 $5

Garbes is back at it, blown over saturated tape punk psychosis, harsh head psych fusion rippers, another slab of destroyed rock greatness. This one even more catchy then the last. Like listening to your guts fall out on the floor while some rockers annihilate a house party in the background. Totally a sound of its own, influenced by all the greats with deluxe double sided silkscreened fold out covers by the man himself. MYSPACE

NP036 Wet Hair - Irifi C20 $5

Wet Hair is the new solo outing of Raccoo-oo-oon member Shawn Reed. Cult vibe organ drone, slowed down tape hiss percussion warble, and chanted vocal bathed in echo, provide the basics for Irifi, a lone march across a desert, these are droney reverberations tinted with pop influence cloaked in the dark , music for  vampires. Recorded by Ryan Garbes for maximal blow out. Expect more from this quickly evolving project soon. Artwork by SDReed.

NP035 Ryan Garbes - Book $4

Ryan Garbes' first DIY book on Night People. Detailed description coming soon. Samples images: 1 and 2.

NP034 Evan Miller - S/T C16 $5

Miller is back at it with a new tape for Night-People. This one cuts real deep, Miller at his most epic.  The A side starts things up with deep echo's swimming around cut up tape manipulations, leading into chambers of drone with Miller's characteristic tonal vocals transitioning into a kind of finger picked sentimental raga. The B side offers up a real burner, perhaps Millers best straight acoustic number, a real beautiful complex side that plays between minimalistic somber portions and upbeat workouts. Artwork by SDReed.

NP033 Raccoo-oo-oon - Mythos Folkways Vol. IV, Future Vision C40

New live Raccoo-oo-oon document, recorded one early Jan. winter afternoon at the Cave of Spirits in Iowa City by Ryan Garbes to stereo cassette deck. A side is groovy future fusion scramble, melodic vocal chants rolling over tight percussion flows that ride like kenetic energy blasting into the atmosphere. B side is blown out guitar burners giving way to dark night ride vibes. In general think about starring out of your sunglasses at the end of the world and thinking this is alright. Artwork by SDReed and RGarbes.

NP032 Koi Pond - Volcano C61

Koi Pond is a three piece from NYC made up of some generally awesome dudes. Erik Roper plays bass and is a legendary artist/illustrator who does work for numerous bands, labels and publications such as Arthur, Southern Lord etc. while also playing in other bands such as Under Satans Sun and Mattalama. Pete Vogal plays synth while also jamming in Bow Ribbons, and designs arwork for clothes, David Aron plays drums, is the perpetrator for Little Cakes Gallery, used to skateboard alot, makes rad visual artwork, and jams in USUN with Mark Borthwick and Hisham Bharoocha.  Despite these dudes epic resumes, Koi Pond is epic all on its own. Volcano is all about cosmic grooves, deep often minimal, endless repetitions that slowly evolve into more psyched out blissed out trances. Roper and Arons tight rhythmic foundations create the perfect backdrop for Vogal's synth improvisations. This is a meditative listen that never gets old, it just keeps grooving on and on forever. Like Neu covering Dark Magus in a Tibetan Monastery. Artwork by Dave Aron, printing by SDReed. See

NP031 Pocahaunted - Beast That You Are C30

This Los Angeles based duo needs no introduction, emails have been flowing in about this tape before Night People even had them assembled. Psychedelic sisters of an ancient Californian apocalypse, Pocahuanted call out some hazy echoes over the valley on this tape of blown out guitar jamming, pre-american vocal serenity, and saxophone wash and skronk (provided by Andy Spore). Another killer outing  from this prolific left coast institution. Artwork by SDReed.

NP029 Subterranean League C15

This one is total damage, psychic vampires spinning around on their heads slathering a bunch of gross cut up pedal wreckage out of maxed out PA's. SL comes straight out of Iowa City's most moist basement corners, anonymous, cult vibe, Asian twins, ready for wreckage. Dynamic, fast, psychedelic harshness, for underground lurking and poisonous raptures of the heart. Re-release of ultra limited Eager Mother cass. Silkscreened artwork by SDReed.

NP028 Changeling - Beyond the Edge of Dreams C32

Changeling is Roy Tatum, LA based multi-instrumentalist and Buried Valley Cass. Label head, who has spent time in such groups as Black Monk and Quintana Roo, while periodically providing drum duties for other LA bands. Changeling is focused around lush ambient guitar drones that provide a lot of layered feeling in their presence.  "Beyond the Edge of Dreams" has a lot of duality and contrasts in its sounds. Moving from beautiful cascades that evoke ecstatic ponderance and a life spent looking to distant peaks or shores breaks way into persistent smothering washes of synth like uneasiness leaving this listener feeling quite isolated. Either way, this is a rich listen, cinematic and airy, like early Popul Vuh at its most sorrowful. Silkscreened artwork by SDReed.

NP027 Cooper Jones/Cars - Split C61

This split cassette captures just a little slice of the Manchester/Nottingham/Sheffield area young improv scene.  Got the pleasure of meeting and performing on the same bill with some of these folks back in March and recognized right away that something interesting was brewing there. Total duo action going on with this release, Sophie and Kelly kick out some epic intricate folky guitar action as Cooper Jones, and on the flip side Patrick and Pascal break on some sprawling percussion and drum storms as Cars. Lots of movement here, this is a long document, capturing the flow of what these two groups do. Silkscreened artwork by Ryan Garbage.

NP026 Nimby - S/T C22

Nimby is Brenden O'Keefe, Iowa City long time resident, local train hopping ripper, and general super enthusiastic supporter of the local weirdo scene.  Nimby as a project is  focused around a home made Tupperware trash bin synth drum kit with some pedals to back it up. This is Nimby's fist release, and features big damaged beats, blasted vocals, and a whole slew of destroyed loops and distortion, totally killer. silkscreened artwork by SDReed.

NP024 Binges - Flame of the Millenium CD-R

Finally a release on Night-People from Raccoo-oo-oon tour mates and Chicago's best basement improv unit Binges. Killer drums, percussion, electronics, saxophone, guitar, and bass from these two dudes Chris and Anthony. Binges are ultra focused and tight, Chris glides around on his kit with supreme precision with Anythony juggles a bunch of loops, noises, and instruments all at once. One of the most solid and exciting underground bands around right now. Artwork by the band printing by SDRreed.

NP021 The Holy Weave of the Cosmic Dream Vol. II - Drawings by Shawn Reed $4

New drawings by Shawn released this summer just in time for Raccoo-oo-oon's U.S. touring action. Back in print now, with new covers and a few extra pages added. Expect a full color book by Shawn not to far off in the future provided by the fine folks over at Not Not Fun.

NP014 Heart of Bees $1

HEART OF BEES #6 & #7 New serialized publication featuring xerox image work by Andy Spore. All issues released as NP014 on a quasi-monthly basis.

NP025 Youth of the Beast - Son Sigil C10

Description coming soon.

NP023 Pukers - Dead Dog C23 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

New Iowa City hardrock duo Pukers resurrect Yoko Ono and John Bonham only to literally kill them once more. Distorted drums and fucking distorted vocals battle to occupy the same oversaturated space on 1/4 inch tape. The result: catchy tunes, pumping beats, wounded crooning, and a little guest guitar and harmonica to boot. Produced by the golden child: Ryan Garbage. Real deal shit.

NP022 Chris Cooper Bill Nace Duo - I'm Fucking in a Sitting Room (For Nmperign) C37

Bill Nace (Vampire Belt, X.O.4 etc.) and Chris Cooper (Fat Worm of Error etc.) kick it real dense and noisy on this cassette of Buddies guitar duo action. The Night-People crew got a chance to check these dudes out live in London back in March and where totally inspired and impressed by their feedback-drenched pedal fest, string shredding, approach to complex noise composition, and creation. All sorts of tools are used, all sorts of sounds are generated, but what really makes it stick is the variety and the rhythmic patterns that prevail from quiet to loud throughout. Dynamic, tense, and tenuous guitar slaying.

NP020 Black Vatican - Zed Omega C38

Black Vatican is Andy Roche and Owen Gardner, two dudes who grew up in Iowa and live in Chicago and Baltimore respectively. Black Vatican jam out some killer tracks on Zed Omega traveling the distance between blown out psych pop, junk garage rock, spaced out synth, and weirdo falsetto harmonies. Zed Omega is a catchy, but destroyed album falling someplace between art pop appropriation and science fiction exploration feeling familiar and classic despite all its noise and weirdness.

NP019 Evan Miller/Twelve Canons Split C38

On Evan Miller's second release for Night People, he brings out some intimate low key stunners that don't lack on the details and bring out just as much contemplation in the listener while feeling just a little sad in their tune. Iowa City's long time dark folk ramblers Twelve Canons change things up a bit by moving into some lighter territory, referencing the same kind of slightly sad, ecstatic, but light and airy tunes Evan creats on this release. Perfect late night summer time jams.

NP018 Ryan Garbes - Endless Bummer C17

New garbage from the young musical genious Ryan Garbes (perhaps best known for his drum and percussion contributions to Raccoo-oo-oon). Side A revels in redlined blown out drumming, finding eventual accompaniment from a drunken slide guitar fury, resulting in what can be properly described as the fucked blues. Side B brings together the holy trinity of drums, guitar and more guitar into a kind of distorted raga with each element taking turns, trading fours, evoking an eternity of summer fun in the mouth of inevitable oblivion. Sleeve and label screenprinted by Ryan.

NP017 Hell & Bunny w/ Mike Khoury - Restitution C26

The percussion and cello masters who make up 2/3 of Graveyards infamy collaborate with violinist Mike Khoury to bring about a sparse and intriguing listen. Droning strings offset by bursting rolls and plucks set the framework for two improvisations perfectly evoking a mood of sinister desolation. Each side rolls on with an uncomfortable unpredictability until climaxing in the death of the composition, leaving the listener unsettled yet oddly pleased.


Providence's own Cybele Collins brings a maelstrom of solo improvisations shredding the strings of her violin furiously, building dense walls that crest only to reveal quiet beautiful melodies underneath. Filled out with loose poignant drumming, and housed in dense drawings by the artist, the tape is made up of many short songs, always changing, never dwelling too long on any given theme. The result: a catchy and complex release, that over time one comes to realize has been created with the utmost love and care.

NP013 Raccoo-oo-oon - Mythos Folkways Vol. 3: Divination Night C46 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

New improvisational album cassette release for Raccoo-oo-oon Euro tour. Vinyl pressing available late April from Woodsist.

NP012 Raccoo-oo-oon - Behold Secret Kingdom CDR $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

New studio full-length CDR release for Raccoo-oo-oon Euro tour. CD pressing on Release the Bats and vinyl pressing care of Night People & Not Not Fun all coming in late April.

NP011 Time Life - Gripstone C22 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Lucas Non-Horse Crane and Heidi Diehl of the Vanishing Voice have been hashing out some new sounds as the duo Time Life. Heidi�s operatic vocals creep over her guiding repetitive guitar lines, as Lucas builds and pushes to the surface his tape manipulations and altered beats. Sonically realized infinite refracting light, a new set of sounds from two of NYC�s best.

NP010- Evan Miller- three spells for six string guitar C23 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Evan Miller is an Iowa City 6-string slinger who grew up in dusty Oklahoma. Over the last couple years he has devoted himself to the craft of his instrument, honing his songwriting and perfecting his playing. He's studied the greats and shows it on this release, with a nod and an ode to the late great John Fahey. Evan toils in the dirt of rural Americana and blues, but keeps his sound fresh and original at the surface. This cassette is just a glimpse of what Evan has up his sleeve, and with his mesmerizing live show and flawless playing, he's just getting started.

NP009 Mef Teef - Implied Brain-Flex C20 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Debut transmission from this Iowa City based Free Music group. Rolling piano lines and crisp rhythmic drumming hold the backdrop for trumpet and saxophone spazz and howl. Before you know it everything breaks down into mush before instantly reforming into perfect hard-bop catchiness, swing cheesiness, or carnivalesque creepiness� but only for a measure� and then who knows what comes next.

NP008 Tent City - Cascade Trinkets CDR $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Tent City are a band of Arizona desert punks, who create organic improvised sets and compositions. Cascade trinkets breaths out some Don Cherry like world jazz fusion, while remaining folky, focused and tight. These 3 tracks move along smooth with a meaty percussive underbelly, and melodic sax lines that bring everything present into focus, reflecting the kind of beautifully dry and sandy cactus country you would envision Tent City living in.

NP007 Flak Mask - Uncle Henry's Ecco Duplex C30 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A half hour of new music from this New Orleans based duo featuring members of Impractical Cockpit. Combining impoverished electronics and deconstructed analog instrumentation, grating rhythms meet soothing echos in these long-burning trance-inducers that always leave you wondering, what am I actually listening to here? (For more music by Flak Mask contact: Trd Wrd; PO Box 52096; New Orleans, LA 70152)

NP006 Dan Friel - Obsoleter C20 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Obsoleter features the solo work of Dan Friel from Brooklyn's Parts and Labor. Fuzzy beats, distorted synth washes, and catchy keyboard riffs deconstructed into very active evolved compositions that will make you feel perfect about zoning out to these upbeat jams. Silkscreened artwork by Shawn Reed.

NP005 Youth of the Beast - White Cat C30 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Andy Spore of Raccoo-oo-oon sings, drums, and screeches, stacking sounds up to their breaking point, calling all youth to follow down the black magic trail.

NP004 Raccoo-oo-oon - Death at Prospect Peak (May Tour 2006) C40 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Tour-only cassette tape for the May 2006 tour. One side is three new jams recorded in the Cave of Spirits. The other side is a live set in Madison, Wisconsin on April 8th, 2006

NP003 Native Resolutions DVD-R $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A collection of short videos, films, and animated works by Andy Spore and Shawn Reed of Raccoo-oo-oon along with various Raccoo-oo-oon documentation. Screenshots here.

NP002 Holy Weave of the Cosmic Dream - Drawings by Shawn Reed. $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A 44-page self-assembled book of new illustrations by Shawn Reed. This was released in conjunction with his Holy Weave of the Cosmic Dream solo art exhibition at the HaNNa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. View pages here and here. Images from the exhibition here.

NP001 Raccoo-oo-oon - Is Night People C40 $NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Raccoo-oo-oon's first audio output, recorded in November 2005. 250 copies made. Mastered version available on CD through Release the Bats.